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  1. ware230

    Financial Issues

    ^^^ What he said. Yes, I had a whole lot of shit; some big some small but I started about 2 years in advance to get my ducks in a row.
  2. ware230

    Financial Issues

    Sounds like you'll be more than fine, just be dilligent in your record keeping and reporting.
  3. ware230

    Financial Issues

    I had probably well over a dozen delinquent accounts and 3 active judgements against me relating to a business I was a part of. $50k+ in debts with the majority being taken care of prior to my meeting but within the past days to 2 years in terms of resolve either by: paid in full, settled for...
  4. ware230

    Financial Issues

    Lol, thanks. I was on here religiously during my process with the same questions and fears.
  5. ware230

    Financial Issues

    No, they only had the equivalent of all 3 of my credit reports which is why I pulled the same to ensure I wasn't missing anything that may be on one but not another. When in doubt, list it. You'd rather hear that it's a non-issue than appearing as if you're trying to hide something.
  6. ware230

    Financial Issues

    The investigator contacted me directly via cell phone regarding my application for a security clearance stating he needed to meet with me. He did not say why (but I pretty much knew). We met at a local library near my home in one of the private rooms for about 3 hours. I also had a couple...
  7. ware230

    Financial Issues

    My credit was not good at all when I started the process 5+ years ago. I pulled all 3 of my credit reports and listed every single debt in detail, when it was resolved or if I was on a repayment plan or what my plan was to resolve the debt. Needless to say I was slated for a one on one meeting...
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    Federal Hiring Freeze

    Brothers and Sisters, Yesterday, the Office of Management and Budget issued a memo to the heads of executive departments and agencies (see attached) to provide guidance regarding the President’s Jan. 23 executive order for a federal civilian hiring freeze. It clarified the freeze itself and...
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    Tentative Offer Letter

    Your clearance will likely take a great deal of time. That being said, when inputting dates you can check the "est" box. This will cover any slight discrepancy they may discover.
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    You have 2-3 days to report to your facility based on the distance. You can request Change of Station leave in conjunction with the time already allotted. This will give you 8 additional days. You don't have to use all 8 and can make a request once you get to your facility for a day here or...
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    6+ Months Since Medical Physical....should I Be Worried?

    Your age is locked in, you're fine as long as you get through to the academy during this bid.
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    I know multiple people who did not get referred.
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    After My ATSAT How Will I Know if I Passed and Am Moving on in the Process?

    There is a thread entitled, "PLEASE READ ME..." Please read that.
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    And this is your first round selection TOL/Academy right here folks... ��������
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    My understanding is that no, failing the ATSA will not DQ you from the prior experience bid. That being said, make a call to HR and verify when you can...
  16. ware230

    Application Status on Aviator (August 2016 Bid)

    Yeah, the goal in all of this is to get from a TOL to a FOL. Many from the OTS bid via ATSA will not proceed to the TOL stage...
  17. ware230

    How Long After the AT-SA Will I Get My Results?

    Test takers have been told up to 90 days but the general thought is applicants will be notified within 30 days of everyone taking the exam.
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    Handbook Questions Help!

    You are correct that you have 30 days to schedule your exam but use caution, dates are filling fast and many loacations are at capacity. You don't want to fly to Nome, AK to take the test if you don't have to. You are allowed up to one reschedule date so you may want to be safe and reschedule if...
  19. ware230

    Application Status on Aviator (August 2016 Bid)

    It has changed this application period... FYI