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  1. CirrusDriver

    11/23/11 EnRoute

    Thanks! I think I owe beers or something yes?
  2. CirrusDriver

    Seattle Center - ZSE

    Heading to OKC November 23. TOL'd Oct 09.... been a long wait!
  3. CirrusDriver

    11/23/11 EnRoute

    Well I'll be damned. After a 3 year wait I just received verbal confirmation for this class! Heading to ZSE.
  4. CirrusDriver

    8/03/2011 Enroute

    Nice, congrats!
  5. CirrusDriver

    Seattle Center - ZSE

    Anyone still left waiting around for ZSE or did you all take redirects?
  6. CirrusDriver

    Drug Refresh Email

    Oh I'm sure it's me. I mean common by sticking with ZSE I've probably assured myself something like a Jan 2012 class date.
  7. CirrusDriver

    Received this email from my HR rep today

    Well I have finally decided to decline. With the wife still in nursing school and a 6 year old we didn't really plan on raising in LA or the bay area.... looks like it's a gonna be a no go. Traveling 2/hrs down I-5 to visit on the weekends was one thing, but Cali is a whole different animal...
  8. CirrusDriver

    Seattle Center - ZSE

    Ok so I just got off the phone with EM and the news is pretty grim. She said not one spot is open in ZSE in 11 so I would not be in a class until at least fy 12. I did ask if any other facility is open besides ZOA and ZLA... good news ZNY is on the table too. Yay. I have the weekend to think...
  9. CirrusDriver

    Seattle Center - ZSE

    I will be calling first tomorrow. Makes me very weary about getting a date for ZSE.
  10. CirrusDriver

    Seattle Center - ZSE

    Anyone get a redirect email asking if you would want to change to ZOA or ZLA from EM today?
  11. CirrusDriver

    Two Dead In Rooftop Crash

    I wonder if in a last ditch effort they tried to pull the chute; which in turn could have put them into the building.
  12. CirrusDriver

    Enroute Poll

    Waiting for class date. ZSE.
  13. CirrusDriver

    ERAM Article

    Found a good write-up on ERAM over at the Huffington Post today. Air Traffic Control Computers Plagued By 'Serious' Problems
  14. CirrusDriver

    controller work force plan released

    Wow nice find! I do not like what I see for ZSE... 209 on the books with a high of 132. Ouch.
  15. CirrusDriver

    04/12/2010 Enroute

    I know I'm holding hope too. Everyone so far looks to be from the east coast.
  16. CirrusDriver

    5/14/2010 Center

    Congrats! Where are you headed?
  17. CirrusDriver

    Advice re: dispatch

    Sorry man couldn't resist.
  18. CirrusDriver

    Advice re: dispatch

    I think the Seattle part....
  19. CirrusDriver

    Advice re: dispatch

    PM has been sent.
  20. CirrusDriver

    Jan 20 enroute canceled

    Assuming the "facility in your area" is ZSE, thanks for the info. Anything is appreciated at this point.