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  1. Chief

    No More DOD Age Waivers?

    From the OPM veteran guide... Age QualificationsOn July 2, 2008, the Merit Systems Protection Board (Board) issued a final decision in Robert P. Isabella v. Department of State and Office of Personnel Management, 2008...
  2. Chief

    Headed to japan

    I took his statement as "Leaving Florida and DoD/AF... But I could be wrong.
  3. Chief

    Headed to japan

    I'm thinking it was a Marine Corps job at MCAS Iwakuni. I didn't see any AF jobs advertised, just USMC jobs.
  4. Chief

    Headed to japan

    <----- Jealous Congrats! VM Airboss. I applied for two Japan jobs and didn't even get a referral notice. I am surprized to see someone is already selected. Which one did you get? Okinawa?
  5. Chief

    KBR-Midwest-Dyncorp Info?

    Thanks Chuck, A 3 week notice kind of sucks.
  6. Chief

    KBR-Midwest-Dyncorp Info?

    Does anyone have information on KBR, Midwest and Dyncorp? Hiring process, over seas locations, living conditions, work hours, salary etc... I'm also interested in information on Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo. I'm on active duty and start terminal leave in May then retire in August. Fully...
  7. Chief

    Eagle CO & Jackson Hole WY - Job Opening

    I've heard that Jackson Hole and Eagle have a big turn over rate because of the high cost of living. That's why they're always looking for controllers for those places. I've also noticed that the Alaska towers that serco has the contract for seem to always need controllers.
  8. Chief

    Do you have to say number 2

    So many rabbit trails to follow on this thread. Which one to go down first??? I know... the most interesting... What if someone say's number 3? Does that mean they need to puke, fart or lay an egg??? How many ways are there to skin a cat? Don't get the approach...
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    FAA Proposes Change to Age 56 Rule

    Did you read the article? It was a study of Canadian air traffic controllers, who can work up to age 65.
  10. Chief

    FAA Proposes Change to Age 56 Rule

    Has anyone read the FAA's official proposed change? I think some of you are missing the point... The FAA isn't changing the 56 age limit. They're proposing a change in the process for requesting a wavier. The FAA wants to remove the requirement for a controller to disclose any operational...
  11. Chief

    FAA Proposes Change to Age 56 Rule

    Hmmm... I think 56 sucks... And as far as being proven that "Controllers decline at 56"... Read this article. Older air traffic controllers perform as well as young on job-related tasks Older air traffic controllers perform as well as young on job-related tasks | News Bureau | University of...
  12. Chief

    "tally ho"

    Tally HO - Traffic in Sight... Same thing. Tally ho is what Navy controller's would say is "Salty Phraseology". What used to irritate me is when an F-16 pilot would respond to a traffic call with... "Radar Contact"... Ummm.... where did I put those dang air to air radar separation...
  13. Chief

    I just saw your reply on my profile today. If you were at NAS Dallas and at NAS Ft. Worth we may...

    I just saw your reply on my profile today. If you were at NAS Dallas and at NAS Ft. Worth we may know each other. At the very least we probably know some of the same people. I was at Dallas from 91 to 98 and at Ft. Worth from 98 to 02. James McCarthy retired from New Orleans as a Master Chief...
  14. Chief

    Patrick afb announcement

    VM Boss, I posted a question for you on my profile about getting picked up for a DOD job after retireing for the military... Age Wavier question. DOD instruction 1400.25, Volume 331
  15. Chief

    Thanks for responding. I did a little research on the age waiver. Some of the DOD jobs that...

    Thanks for responding. I did a little research on the age waiver. Some of the DOD jobs that are posted reference the title for a waiver. However, when I read it, I understood that you still had to retire at 56 and be able to meet the time requirements for retirement. It even gave specific...
  16. Chief

    DOD Employment...what to do next!

    How old were you when you got hired? I thought you had to be under the age of 36 to get hired DOD.
  17. Chief

    Not sure if I should trust this recruiter

    When I joined the Navy... John Paul Jones was a boot seaman..... With that being said...If I remember correctly the recriter told me that he couldn't gurantee me any job unless I met the minimum requirements and the job was available when we went to MEPS.... For air traffic controllers there...
  18. Chief

    Another Thread with Questions on ATC

    All initial enlistments in the Navy are 8 year contracts in one form or another. For example: If you enlist for a 4 year active duty contract, after you are discharged you must complete 4 years of reserve time. For Air Traffic Control they require a 5 year active duty commitment, with 3 years of...
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    RMC Questions

    1985-1988 USS John F. Kennedy 1988 Got out...Then came back in... 1991- 1998 NAS Dallas 1998 -2002 NAS Ft. Worth. 2002-2005 NAS New Orleans 2005 - Present NAS Willow Grove Like I said... I'm looking at all my options. I would do the RMC thing if I could get a bigger retirement...
  20. Chief

    Visual Approach..Vfr on go-around?

    Nope... your wrong... Joe's got it right. He's IFR until he cancels. Just because the aircraft is on a visual approach doesn?t make him VFR. The controller is still responsible for providing separation except when visual separation is being applied by the pilot. AIM 5-5-1. And here?s the...