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    New Hire Vacation time?

    I'd like to revive this thread. I am graduating from OKC as an enroute new hire in October. I am being asked by my family to book a vacation Dec 29 - Jan 2 (over New Years). Can someone describe how vacation is assigned? If I request these dates off what are the chances of getting them and when...
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    Guam CERAP - ZUA

    Any one have insight into whether the Academy is allowing graduates to "volunteer" to go to ZUA anymore?
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    Atlanta Center - ZTL

    Just curious when is your Enroute basics class?
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    July 2016 PTOL'S

    You say you have everything cleared. You got your medical cleared before you MMPI? What region are you?
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    06/02/16 Enroute Basics

    The AT Basics starting 06/02/16 ends 07/07/16. Then the EnRoute Qual Class is 07/07/16 through 9/29/16.
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    Oakland Center - ZOA

    What are the milestones for one to progress from D1, D2, D3, CPC at ZOA? I am trying to understand how fast does one typically achieve D1, then D2, then D3, then CPC at ZOA? Thank you.
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    Oakland Center - ZOA

    Hi I am interested in choosing ZOA given the choice after the Academy. However, I am pretty worried about living in the area with an income of less then $50,000 before taxes. Can anyone share some insight in terms of affordable and SAFE areas you would recommend near ZOA?
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    Blogging Privatization
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    July 2016 PTOL'S

    Just curious do they actually give you MMPI results or just tell you you passed?
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    Why Does NATCA Support the AIRR Act?

    Mr. Church, thank you so much for taking the time to address my question so thoroughly. Also, thank you for providing the means for people like me to be able to communicate with distinguished experts (e.g. NATCA Director of Communications) with questions like these.
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    Why Does NATCA Support the AIRR Act?

    As a soon-to-be controller (expecting Oklahoma date any day now) I was surprised to hear Mr. Rinaldi say NATCA supports the AIRR Act. Can someone provide a short overview of NATCA's position, why they support the AIRR Act, the pros and cons of the AIRR Act from a controller's point of view...
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    05/12/16 Enroute Basics

    Congrats!! Could you please post your timeline and what region?
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    05/09/2016 - Enroute Basics

    Darunia - one last question if you dont mind, what region are you?
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    05/09/2016 - Enroute Basics

    CONGRATS! Did you asked to get bumped to January group or are you an original July PTOL? Also, can you please post your timeline (pre-employment email, medical, mmpi, e-qip, FOL etc.)?
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    ERR/Hardship As Developmental

    How possible is it to ERR between Enroute facilities after OKC, while still a developmental prior to becoming CPC? Also, does pregnancy without support system (husband in different location) count as hardship?
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    Hardship/ERR Prior to CPC

    Is it possible to transfer Enroute facilities after OKC, during training prior to becoming CPC?
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    04/12/2016 Enroute Basics

    Are you guys from the April group? I'm just trying to get an idea of what dates we may be offered (those in the July pTOL group). thank you.
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    4/6/2016 Enroute Basics

    I was directing the question to all the others (not mrmcnichols), but thanks for your insightful response.
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    4/6/2016 Enroute Basics

    I just got my pre-employment paperwork email and am trying to gauge my Oklahoma timeframe. Are you guys from the January group? April group? July group? When did you receive the pre-employment email?
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    Turning Down ATC

    You will not meet an air traffic controller that does not love their job/career. Air Traffic Controller Gives Classy Farewell Speech On The Radio After 31-Year Career ?