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    2012 CTI ATSAT .Retest. Fall Panel.

    Graduated in Fall 2010 CTI. Took ATSAT 2009. ATSAT just expired on the 30th of June. I am now being told that there are no other tests being offered before Sept. Oct. time frame. I do not want to run the risk of them posting a panel and being hung out to dry should they start the panel...
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    So, how many panels have you guys sat through??

    Got it. That's been my game plan for a while now. However, with the new guideline that they will not be hiring "new hires" into higher facilities (except centers), really killed my gameplan because I was visiting level 12 tracons and towers.
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    So, how many panels have you guys sat through??

    I've sat through 5. This is really getting old. During the hiring process do they at all see how many times you have sat through?
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    Results of November panel

    Talked to a center AT Manager today. He said that 300 controllers total were picked up in the panel last week. He said that as far as academy classes go, New York would be getting pushed through first, with basically everyone else getting class dates for FY2013, around October/November. He did...
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    Who's looking forward to the Oct. panel?

    Donny, NH has the BCT and BC, and they are pretty backed up. I have some friends that work there, and that is the word on the street.
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    Who's looking forward to the Oct. panel?

    I cannot find a honest/confident answer to the question of when we will hear something back from the FAA. Now that the Referrals are out, when will they make their decisions by? I have read many things, but was wondering if someone has spoken with the FAA to find out when they will make these...
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    Selection Process

    Has anyone gotten e-mails or had their Aviator update as a result to the selection board?
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    Referral list March panels!!

    I'm sure this has already been touched on... However, now that the panel has gotten together, if they select you will you hear that day or will it come some time later?
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    CTI Referral List for October Panel

    I applied CTI just the other day, any idea how long it will take for the whole hiring process to catch up with me? I have applied OTS as well and am on the referral list. Was hoping for some good news to see how this will all play out, if anyone has heard anything?