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    LC1 and LC2 Coordination............

    So believe it or not, this actually came up in a different context in our facility yesterday, and I found this. So per the .65, it does not need to be recorded. However, a local facility can establish a directive in their SOP to require it. Since it is a change in working conditions, it must be...
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    LC1 and LC2 Coordination............

    I’ve worked at four facilities and never had to coordinate runway crossings or any sort of hover/air taxi operations on a recorded line. As for the phraseology, I would say cross is probably acceptable, but it the LOA should probably be rewritten to specify altitude, crossing point, etc.
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    Why ATC Doesn't Use Make when Calling Anymore?

    I love that you're here looking for answers. That's awesome. I wish more pilots would seek to know us better, either through forums or visiting facilities. That relationship is HUGE. That said... what the person said about the timeshare in the data block is spot on. If I'm working a busy push...
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    Miami Tower/TRACON - MIA

    I have several friends at MIA. I know people who live in Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, Weston, and one as far north as Deerfield Beach. It kind of depends on what you're looking for. Family lifestyle or single looking for a good time, those kinds of things. Miami traffic BLOWS so while...
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    Visual Separation

    I'm pretty sure it has to be specified in a directive, LOA or SOP. At least in my experience. If it is, WX conditions dictate, then all day long (without wake). If it's not, I'm guessing verbal coordination would have to be accomplished. I once tried to get a coworker out of a deal by saying I...
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    Felony As a Juvenille

    This is the first time I've encountered this thread, but it's great you came back to update everyone. Best of luck to you!
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    Random Question Regarding Time Off

    There are a lot of responses to this post so far, and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't read them all. I'm just going to jump in because I was in the same exact boat nine years ago, although we didn't have a fancy wedding planned so we weren't under a time crunch to reserve anything. That said, the...
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    Abilene, TX - ABI

    PBi is still combined. Tower moved first, then TRACON, then picked up additional airspace... still all combined.
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    I worked at a facility once where they allowed a controller who was previously a WX observer actually be in the room with us when we tested. Take that for what it's worth. Most ATMs recognize that 95% of what it's in the test is way more specific than anything you'll ever do. That said... if you...
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    Medical Disqualification - Any Hope?

    Not gonna lie, I didn't read this whole thread, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating. I had kidney stones eight years before I applied. They tried to get me to get a CAT scan to prove I didn't have any more stones, but my doctor refused because, in his words, "The patient had one stone and we removed...
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    Level Difficulty (TRACON/Tower)

    You also have to consider that a lot of facilities are seasonal. Highly seasonal facilities will work 2-3 levels above their payband half the year, and 2-3 levels below it the other half. The more consistent and structured a facility is, the more you will get into a groove regardless of the...
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    Getting Started

    29 is a rough age to start the process. I applied at 26 and was honestly sweating it the whole time. Age requirements have changed since I got in, it used to be that you had to be under 31 when you got your firm offer letter, but I'm not sure what it is now. Keep an eye out for off the street...
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    Jobs While Waiting.......

    Holy cow, someone revived this dinosaur thread! This came out while I was waiting for my PEPC. Do they still do those? This is so entertaining, especially since I'm actually still friends with some of the original posters nine years later! :-D
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    If You Brought Your S/O and Kids, Step Inside!

    Sorry, I just saw this and hope my response isn't too late. You can find her on Facebook, or I believe she still maintains a profile on here.
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    Mid Level Tracons

    Some "mid level" tracons are highly seasonal and can be every bit as difficult as the large tracons. Not sure about BNA per se, but do your research for sure. A facility's level is not always indicative of the performance level required.
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    What is 'say No to Kilo'?

    ATC memes was hilarious when it first showed up and veteran controllers were regularly contributing homemade memes. Now it's just links to their store. <sigh> I miss the old days...
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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I'm learning that this procedure is more common amongst ATCs than I originally thought.
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    If You Brought Your S/O and Kids, Step Inside!

    Check into Kim's Place. She has a portion of her development that she typically keeps families in. I think some of the wives and kids get to know each other and can be a support system. It's been quite a few years since I was there the last time but I doubt that's changed.
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    Has anyone on this forum, while employed by the FAA and actively controlling traffic, had Lasik? What was the process? How long did you lose your medical? What were the risks, and did you feel that the rewards were worth it? I have pretty bad vision, and I HATE working in glasses. Over the last...
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    New Guy Alert!

    UGH, we can be jerks sometimes. ATCers are not the kindest and most welcoming people in the world. We're thick skinned and even rougher on each other than outsiders. Don't let any horrible responses you'll get on here (and you will get them, I promise) make you any less interested in aviation...