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  1. MrGreg

    Looking for Some Information on a Few Locations.

    I work at TOA, great place to work, lots of controllers refer to it as a "country club" facility. Nothing too complex, just have to deal with the LAX Class B airspace a lot. Send me a PM if you have any other questions.
  2. MrGreg

    KSDL Scottsdale BID

    Sending you a PM.
  3. MrGreg

    Phoenix Sky Harbor - PHX

    Thanks, appreciate the info.
  4. MrGreg

    Phoenix Sky Harbor - PHX

    Thanks. Do you find that they pull from AZ facilities more than outside the district? I'm in SoCal so I'm not too far away, but I'm wondering if putting in for like SDL/TUS on the way to PHX would be a good idea.
  5. MrGreg

    Phoenix Sky Harbor - PHX

    Anyone still work at PHX here? Wondering about staffing levels, thinking about putting an ERR in soon.
  6. MrGreg

    Understaffed Facilities!

    They do? This is the first I've heard of that.
  7. MrGreg

    Distance from a Fix Required in GPS/RNAV Approach Clearance?

    What rooster said makes sense...but I don't see anything in 5-9-all that specifies that it's only for when vectors are issued to aircraft, just the examples lead to that conclusion. Did I miss it?
  8. MrGreg

    Distance from a Fix Required in GPS/RNAV Approach Clearance?

    The .65 seems to be ambiguous on this, and I wanted to get others' thoughts. Chapter 5-9-4 starts with this: Issue all of the following to an aircraft before it reaches the approach gate: a. Position relative to a fix on the final approach course. If none is portrayed on the radar display or...
  9. MrGreg

    Anyone Ever Done a FDT to Hawaii?

    Gotcha, that makes sense. Oh well, suppose there is always sunny CA or FL. Thanks.
  10. MrGreg

    Anyone Ever Done a FDT to Hawaii?

    Yeah, that's my catch, I'm not within 8 hours of there and I work 8 hour shifts. The order says that you can request "non-consecutive working hours to accomplish FDT" though, so I wondered if that meant multiple shifts could be used for the trip. I'm only a short hop away from ORD, but I think...
  11. MrGreg

    Anyone Ever Done a FDT to Hawaii?

    I've got one FDT left this year, and I'm thinking of visiting Honolulu. Has anyone ever done an FDT there from the Continental US? I'm wondering mainly about how to go about scheduling flights with the time change and such.
  12. MrGreg

    02/18/2014 Tower

    Congrats, see you people staying at Kim's when you get there. I'll have a week left of RTF when you start.
  13. MrGreg


    What do you say when you call, and who do you talk to? I have an err into a facility too, been there twice and tried to get my name out there.
  14. MrGreg

    ERR Paperwork Online?

    I spoke with a regional NATCA rep who came to my facility today and he mentioned that ERRs can now be done online. He thought it was by use of AVIATOR, but after looking a bit I believe that's now defunct. How would one go about submitting it online?
  15. MrGreg


    Okay. Were they people who had a specific facility in mind for a specific reason, or just looking to go somewhere else from where they were? Is there any real way to find openings at other facilities besides USAJobs listings?
  16. MrGreg


    I have a few questions about the ERR process as well. I'm a developmental at a terminal facility, am past my probationary, and have checked out on ground/CD, still training on local. I know that ERRing as a developmental is "possible," but has anyone known this to actually happen?
  17. MrGreg

    06/12/12 Terminal

    Just got a call about this class today, FOL should be here tomorrow. See you all there!
  18. MrGreg


    Can't get past the browser verification screen myself either. Oh well, was hoping to get it done today but it'll have to wait.
  19. MrGreg

    E-mails are out

    Thanks! Just got my email, the instructions explained how to request a different location for an interview, so I did just that.
  20. MrGreg

    E-mails are out

    Anyone know the method to request a different interview location? Would you just note the request in the reply to the first email?