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  1. MrGreg

    Distance from a Fix Required in GPS/RNAV Approach Clearance?

    The .65 seems to be ambiguous on this, and I wanted to get others' thoughts. Chapter 5-9-4 starts with this: Issue all of the following to an aircraft before it reaches the approach gate: a. Position relative to a fix on the final approach course. If none is portrayed on the radar display or...
  2. MrGreg

    Anyone Ever Done a FDT to Hawaii?

    I've got one FDT left this year, and I'm thinking of visiting Honolulu. Has anyone ever done an FDT there from the Continental US? I'm wondering mainly about how to go about scheduling flights with the time change and such.
  3. MrGreg

    ERR Paperwork Online?

    I spoke with a regional NATCA rep who came to my facility today and he mentioned that ERRs can now be done online. He thought it was by use of AVIATOR, but after looking a bit I believe that's now defunct. How would one go about submitting it online?