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    Expired Drug Test question

    Took mine in July and my class was 1/12 but moved to 2/1. If it expires in 6 months, I will have to re do it. I know. My question though is for anyone that actually had to retake it: did they let you know after you got your FOL via email and how close to your class did they notify you? I...
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    Jan 12 class cancelled

    My FOL that I have had for weeks means nothing. Apparently my class was cancelled and I was moved to 2/1. Anyone else get the call today?
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    Forms to return after FOL

    deleted due to further investigation
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    Are the new pay rates not shown in our FOL?

    I got my FOL but I thought the pay rates were just changed. The rate in my letter seems like the old one. Can anyone shed light on this? To be more specific, what is the new rate for fresh out of training (with 13.86%)?
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    TOL freezes my age, right?

    I got my TOL in July 2009. Today is my 31st birthday and my class date is 1/12/10. Just want someone to reassure me that my age is no factor anymore. Thanks.