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    mask requirement despite being socially distant.

    Apparently now we have to wear masks on position regardless of how distant the positions are from each other. What is NACA doing to fight this? I get the whole if you have someone next to you you need to wear a mask thing but when I'm 15 ft away from someone it feels pretty stupid to be fogging...
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    Albuquerque Center - ZAB

    If any of you new developmentals headed our way are looking to rent out a room msg me.
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    Aceept or Pass

    Residency...your wife gonna be in debt for the next 20 years...unless you're a closet millionaire you better think long and hard about turning down a very well paying job that you don't have to take home with you...Could it potentially be hard for a few years? it worth it? Absolutely.
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    Aceept or Pass

    You can always opt in to new york center...that puts you in the range of being home every weekend if you want to stay en route. There's no such gaurentee for terminal. Odds are you'll end up over 1000 miles away and under no circimstances will the FAA work with you on location. They'd have to do...
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    Process Question - Just Need Clarification

    Get another job, apply for the open bids, then if you ever get a shot don't wash out at the academy.
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    Random Question Regarding Time Off

    No idea what those strange tower people do...if you're en route you'll be fine though. You'll be a lowly d-side trainee and can take off pretty much anytime you need to...One more person in the break bay that isn't training.
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    Average length of time at Academy for OTS En Route

    its 4 months give or take a couple days. Don't be a dumbass, stay at kim's or isobella's. As far as take home pay goes you make the equivalent of 70k a year since the per diem amount is huge and tax free. Be close to your classmates and don't bring any family to maximize your chance of passing.
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    Taking a Desk to Kims?

    I bought a fold-able table @ walmart for 30$...picked up a cheap computer chair and viola, desk. Doubles as a beer pong table...Winwin. And its easy to move
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    Questions About the CTI Initiative

    Go to CTI school if you want, it'll help a little bit...Apply to all the open bids though. If you get selected for one of them plan on dropping out and going.
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    I'm Coming to Visit. Would Like to Meet Up.

    Passed en route about 6 months ago...more than welcome to call me on skype or something if you wanna know what's up
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    Whats the Craziest “how Did That Person Make It Through the Accademy” Academy Story.

    knew a girl that washed on the 2nd problem, submitted a few TR's and got them...needed a 98 on the last problem and got 100. Don't know anyone that topped that.
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    En Route Info

    ha, you make a little more than half...getting something like 1100 a month @ AG right now. Both numbers are after taxes/benefits
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    Enroute Placement

    Your odds of getting memphis something like 1/3 if you have a good class(and i mean that, it would need to be a good class or the odds drop to 1/4 or 1/5...Honestly you're just wasting everyone time if you'll only take one center. The list changes every couple weeks...its completely irrelevant...
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    En Route Info

    you make about 4 grand a month....per diem is 3/4'th of that pay
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    Alternative Housing?

    I disagree...I probably got 50-70 extra hours of spontaneous study in that I otherwise wouldn't have by living on the same street as classmates. Generally in the form of a knock on my door and "hey you wanna run a problem" or just random 20-30 minute conversations about the scenario's we got...
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    Referred Whats Next?

    Start learning to juggle while riding a unicycle....around the time you're able to juggle kitchen knives while doing jumps on the unicycle you'll get your class date.
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    Alternative Housing?

    People that live further away study in groups're odds of failing go up the further you live from your classmates. Bite the bullet, find out where the people in your class are gonna stay, and stay there regardless of the price/location. You can suck up anything for 4 months...
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    Clearance Interview

    Its changed a lot in the last few years...So here's the deal. It means they found something super sketchy on your background check...Its gonna be 2 guys in suits, sitting across the table from you in a room. First thing they'll do is hook you up to a lie detector, then they'll ask you about...
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    12/5/17 En Route Basics

    Man is worse than the guard police