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  1. otterstrom

    pilot broadcasts obscene rant with stuck mic

    "gays and grannies and grandes..." recording: Whoopsie Daisy of the Day - The Daily What news report:
  2. otterstrom

    Sleeping Air Traffic Controllers

    Another supe suspended FAA suspends second air traffic controller in one week anyone down south know more details?
  3. otterstrom

    New academy training for CTI students?

    The latest FAA reauthorization bill passed through the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure has some interesting things to say about how CTI students may possibly be trained at the academy in the future. Sec 608. Collegiate Training Initiative Study...
  4. otterstrom

    Controllers who fly

    I know there are far less controllers than applicants and academy students on this site, but do any controllers/developmentals rent or have planes and fly for fun? Post pics. :drinks:
  5. otterstrom

    old timers - old stuckmic

    i remember the old stucmic that was secretly run by a ZDC controller for years and years. it served a different purpose. it was more of a place for long time controllers to gripe about "the agency" and talk about work and not as geared toward the new generation and hiring process. are there...
  6. otterstrom

    fam flights

    a few weeks back there was mention of these returning. whats the latest? thanks.