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    Has anyone on this forum, while employed by the FAA and actively controlling traffic, had Lasik? What was the process? How long did you lose your medical? What were the risks, and did you feel that the rewards were worth it? I have pretty bad vision, and I HATE working in glasses. Over the last...
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    FDT Operators

    I'm sure this has already been beaten to death in another thread somewhere, I just can't seem to find it. It's been years since I've done flight deck training, and I'd like to go again. Does anyone have an updated list of which operators are allowing FDT? Also, if anyone has any insight as to...
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    Terminal Vs. Center

    FAA controllers who have worked both: which did you like better and why ? I'm a CPC with CTO and radar, curious about the view from the other side for those with experience at both.
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    ERR Outlook for FLL, SRQ, FPR, VRB, FMY, Etc...

    Anyone at these facilities have any info on staffing ? Specifically from an err perspective. I know FL can be rough getting into, just trying to get a feel for what the odds may really be like. Thanks !
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    Diphenhydramine HCl

    I know it used to be 48 hours. Someone told me recently it's 60 now. Any official word? I'm off the next two days anyway but I got attacked by yellow jackets and need to know when I have to stop taking it. Thanks in advance.
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    Savannah- SAV

    Anyone on here at SAV? Looking for info on staffing. (ERR, CPC, up/down). Also curious about the traffic. I have the airnav stats, but I'd like to know from someone who actually works it. Thanks in advance!