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    Hey you worked at St Thomas? Got questions

    Hey you worked at St Thomas? Got questions
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    Class #99756 08/05/16 Start Date

    En route and terminal are two different basics classes. You will start the same day but after that you won't be in the same class. Good luck all.
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    06/07/2016 Terminal Basics

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    06/07/2016 Terminal Basics

    I have looked into a lot of different places and it seemed easier to just go with Isola Bella. Family stays free and price comes out to about the same if I were to get an apartment. You have to show you pay rent with a receipt and a copy of the ad. I don't know if you pay rent at an AFB.
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    06/07/2016 Terminal Basics

    Received my Welcome packet today!
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    06/07/2016 Terminal Basics

    That is sweet deal. There are 4 people as of now that are in the class who have posted on here. Wish the other 12 would contact us so we can all get to know each other. I wonder how per diem will work for you, that is if you are going to try and get it.
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    06/07/2016 Terminal Basics

    That is right! Should be a fun adventure! where do you plan on staying?
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    Housing Feedback

    Also a good list here There is also another conversation on Reddit on housing as well.
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    06/07/2016 Terminal Basics

    Still waiting for that referral rate. [emoji848]
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    Isola bella refferal rate name

    Pretty sure they stopped offering the referral rate, unless they are continuing now.
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    Location DNZ

    Sometimes a little sweaty.
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    06/07/2016 Terminal Basics

    Yes. You cannot sign it. Just being ready for it. Thanks Quak
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    06/07/2016 Terminal Basics

    You referring to the paperwork that came through email? if so, signed them yesterday. Make sure you put your TPS to 5%. They match 5%
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    Criminal Background Uncertainties

    They care usually about the past 7 years. If you were born in 94, you are either 21 or 22. Traffic violations aren't usually a problem unless they're DUIs. I am not background investigator, so I don't know what they're looking for. Best thing to do is to be honest about it. Background checks...
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    06/07/2016 Terminal Basics

    High five for trying!
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    06/07/2016 Terminal Basics

    Anybody else attending this class date?
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    05/17/16 Terminal Basics

    what are you paying empty?
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    PRIOR EXPERIENCE 2152 FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-44955 BID IS OUT 21 December 2015

    My usajobs account says referred. Not received. Received my FOL beginning of March Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    No FMLA

    I would like to know as well. Wife will deliver week before academy and wonder if I can take it later or not at all. Then again, I will want to get checked out asap at the facility assigned so maybe just not take it at all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    PRIOR EXPERIENCE 2152 FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-44955 BID IS OUT 21 December 2015

    That should be at your local tower. If not listed contact HR and see what the tell you Also it was two emails. Forgot about the military one.