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    mask requirement despite being socially distant.

    Apparently now we have to wear masks on position regardless of how distant the positions are from each other. What is NACA doing to fight this? I get the whole if you have someone next to you you need to wear a mask thing but when I'm 15 ft away from someone it feels pretty stupid to be fogging...
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    Anyone Have a Strip Board for Sale? Starting Non-radar

    Starting nonradar and figure we'll need one (or more) before too long.
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    Actual Up/Down Speeds at Kim's Place and Isobella's?

    Anyone at either of these locations mind running a speed test and letting me/us know the results? *Edit* In case anyone was curious, @ kim's mustang now and the up down speeds are 15.5 down and 6 up. Its worth noting that the first day I was here they were much higher, so there's some...
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    What Are the Odds of Getting a Different Class Date?

    Was given an offer (no fol, just the date offer) this friday for a class that starts on the upcoming Thursday and i live 1300 miles away from the academy. Is there any chance I can get moved to a slightly later class date so i dont have to move across the country in 3 days? Or is it more, take...