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  1. AirborneJFO

    08/12/2010 tsew

    Anyone here in this?
  2. AirborneJFO

    5/25/2010 tracon

    anyone in this class?
  3. AirborneJFO

    7/08/2010 tracon

    Anyone in this class? Would be nice to know I'm not the only one booked for it.
  4. AirborneJFO

    Simple question - Oceanic control

    I figured I'd ask the question because it has me curious... Who has positive control or responsibility of the airspace when aircraft are in the middle of the Atlantic and how are corridors managed? Is it an international deal or a series of patchwork "ARTCCs" from different places, i.e. U.S...
  5. AirborneJFO

    Travel Pay

    How is travel pay worked out with travel from "Home of Record" to OKC for the academy? (Driving) Does it work by the JFTR (Joint Federal Travel Reg) rate of 19 cents a mile, list all reimbursable expenses, keep receipts just in case, and 350 miles constitutes a travel day? (i.e - DD Form...