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  1. cburden86

    Looking for a Room Mate

    Starting the academy 9/2, looking for anyone interested in rooming up to save some cash. PM me if interested. Staying at IB
  2. cburden86

    9/2/2014 Enroute

    Just received this class. Headed to ZOA. Booked a two bedroom at IB if anyone is interested.
  3. cburden86

    782 Days

    5/30/12 was the issue date of my tol. Anyone else still in it for the long haul?
  4. cburden86

    TOL Holders Without Class Dates

    Just wanted to get an idea of how many there are left of us who have had their TOLs and haven't received dates.
  5. cburden86

    Current Government Employee

    I read a portion of the existing contract a little while back that addresses the hiring of current government employees. What I took from it was that I would keep my current pay even while attending the Academy. I'm a letter carrier for USPS, and my base is about the equivalent of my base AG...
  6. cburden86

    ZDV for ZOB

    Since there seems to be a lot of TOL trading discussion happening lately I figured I'd throw my offer out there. I live five minutes from Oberlin and would eventually try to transfer back here anyway, so if there are any ZOB TOL holders out there thinking they may rather go to Denver center...
  7. cburden86

    TOL Holder and Sequestration

    I've been holding a TOL for about a year now and I cant help but wonder what the effects of the sequestration will have on getting a FOL. Has anyone received any concrete information on the FAA's plans for me and other current TOL holders? I understand it is still early in the decision making...
  8. cburden86

    New ATC Employees Are About To Get Screwed

    Mr. Dennis Ross from Florida has proposed a bill that is soon to be voted on that seriously screws up the FERS for all federal employees being hired in after December 31, 2012. New employees will have to pay 4.5% of their paychecks toward the basic benefit portion, instead of the current .8%...
  9. cburden86

    Preparing Materials for After Interview

    I have received my email for an interview and am very relieved to be finally be considered for employment. I was wondering if anyone can post a detailed list of information/documents that one could acquire and have ready for the next stages; that is, the Medical, the Backround Investigation, and...