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  1. PapaGolf

    TOL email

    It's legit. You guys will know what facility you're going to before your firm offer/class date. It may not be in your originally selected State of preference though.
  2. PapaGolf

    Assigning hard altitudes/headings to VFR A/C

    How many of you have said "FLY RUNWAY HEADING" to a VFR aircraft in a takeoff clearance? (just realized I'm a year late to the party..)
  3. PapaGolf

    Definition of Near-Miss?

    It's NMAC - Near Mid-Air Collision
  4. PapaGolf

    Potential Job while you wait

    birdie on the street told me 1st American Systems and Services, LLC is looking for CTI grads not yet hired by FAA for a potential R&D type job. If you got the stuff, apply at will. 1st American System And Services
  5. PapaGolf

    03/07/2013 Terminal

    Kim sets ya up with roomies
  6. PapaGolf

    03/07/2013 Terminal

    Congrats on the FOL! ERI not so much ;)
  7. PapaGolf

    Wasted Money on a portable flight strip bay

    Controller in the field here, I know a buyer that is interested in something exactly like that. If your facility isn't smart enough to recoup their costs my buyer would at least like to know the contact info on the supplier, Canada eh? Check your messages.
  8. PapaGolf

    ATC Tower Simulator

    Yes, they all communicate with each other meaning.. If you were to generate an aircraft with SimTarget it would appear both on the SimScope radar display depending on configuration level (filters, range, location, squawk, etc) and the generated target would also appear on Microsoft Flight...
  9. PapaGolf

    DSR keyboard example

    If I had a dollar for every pixel in this image, I'd have exactly one dollar.
  10. PapaGolf

    4/30/2012 Terminal

    Sounds like everybody is staying at Kim's. Make some room for me please!
  11. PapaGolf

    When did you get your welcome packet??

    You need to be extended a firm offer of employment, not receive an academy packet, to feel ensured about your FAA employment. I had the same problem but I was in good contact with current employer higher ups and the FAA so I went on a leap of faith and gave my employer's HR official two week...
  12. PapaGolf

    ATC Simulatior costs

    That's a little bit like what Embry-Riddle Prescott did. Built their own ATC simulators from the ground up. AT Lab Course fees at there campus are around $150ish. Tuition per credit hour on the other hand..
  13. PapaGolf

    When did you get your welcome packet??

    same. I was told it would come FedEx 2 weeks prior to class date.
  14. PapaGolf

    most interesting plane you've "seen"

    Is this at the air force base?
  15. PapaGolf

    What should a CTI student should know

  16. PapaGolf

    Training contract

    You may have to accept a facility redirect if you cannot accept initial academy class date, it's not impossible.
  17. PapaGolf

    Help Rosstafari

    I feel like I OWE Mr. Ross a few bucks just for talking him into what turned out to be 'Terminal Man' JBU escapades via an All You Can Jet pass via via a craigslist posting. Glad to see he actually turned that clusterfuck into something good. Sorry for the swine flu. Money is on it's...
  18. PapaGolf

    CTI and Hiring Process changes

    The FAA is planning another conference call with CTI schools and students, I suggest all you whiners contact your CTI school representatives and make yourselves available to voice your concerns.
  19. PapaGolf

    Retaking AT-SAT after your score "timed out"?

    The Student AT Basics Guide questions? Your school may or may not have required you to pass a test comprised of these questions in order to obtain a CTI Recommendation, but that is completely up to the school not the FAA. The FAA will give you a test with questions from the same Student AT...
  20. PapaGolf

    4/27/2012 En Route

    Anybody in this class looking fOr a roommate?