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    Release Date Questions

  2. ATCs1222

    Release date/Seniority questions

    Lets say 2 CPCs bid on the same vacancy, both got selected and offered a tentative offer letter. Am I right to say the one with the higher seniority gets the release date first? I couldn't find the exact article from the red book that explains the situation. Thank you for your help in advance!!!
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    Article 42 Bidding questions

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    Passing or Diverging Questions

    Hello SM I appreciate it if anyone can clarify this for me, i'm getting different answers from the people at my facility. I understand that; all other approved separation may be discontinued, and passing or diverging separation applied when: 1. Aircraft are on opposite/reciprocal courses and...
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    Seniority question

    Hi NATCA I've a few qestions regarding seniority time. I had about 6 months with the FAA and I was non bargaining unit memeber. I resigned and reapplied, got back into the FAA this time as a bargaining unit member. I wonder if those 6 months FAA time counts for anything? I'm guessing since i...
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    Separation b/w IFR and VFR Practice Approach aircraft

    Hello SM I appreciate it if anyone can clarify a few questions for me regarding separation requiremnts for VFR aircraft requesting practice approach. I don't know if i'm reading the last sentence correctly, 7110 says: "Where procedures require application of IFR separation to VFR aircraft...
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    VFR aircraft questions

    Hi SM I have questions about VFR aicraft: Would you restrict a VFR aircraft's altitude to keep him in your airspace until the next sector takes the handoff or let the VFR aircraft keep climbing, and make the point out as soon as possible? I get it if you restrict a VFR aircraft's altitude for...
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    VFR and MVA question

    Can you give a VFR a/c an altitude restriction below the MVA for separation? Thank you!!!!
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    Reduced srs for arr and dep questions

    Any experienced TWR controller out there? Appreciate it if you can confirm if my understanding of the rules are correct...Thank You!!!!!! 1. Reduced SRS For DEPARTURES: when the airport is IMC (Instrument Meterological Conditions), doesn't matter day or night time it is legal to use reduced SRS...
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    Tower WT Question

    Any Tower controller out there? I need some clarification on this topic: Is there a 3 minute WT requirment for a S+ departs behind a L same runway opposite direction and or a S+ intersection departure behind a L? 7110.65 only explain a S behind a L, and it defines S+ as aircraft weighing...
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    Hardship transfer

    Hi I just found out that my wife is pregnant. I'm trying to transfer to a closer facility near her so I can take care of her. According to our contract, ERR only works if your spouse has medical issues, would pregnancy qualify for a transfer and how about a hardship?
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    HELPPP Questions on transferring

    Hi SM I'm trying to get some good info from anyone that had gone through what i'm going through right now. I just found out that my wife is pregnant. I'm trying to transfer to a closer facility near her so I can take care of her. According to our contract, ERR only works if your spouse has...
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    LAWRS weather test

    LAWRS weather test If you passed the LAWRS test and certified at a military ATC facility, do you have to re take the test at a FAA facility? And where to get a copy of the certification?
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    question on wake Turb sep for intersection dep

    Hi can anyone explain this a little better to me please, I don't quite get it just seems a little unclear. thank you!!! 3-9-7 b.2. Wake Turb sep for intersection dep. The 3 min interval is not required when: the intersection is 500 ft or less from the departure point of the preceding aircraft...
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    3/23/2011 Terminal

    3/23/11-5/13/11 Terminal class..Going to BGM
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    August 5th RTF w/ a question...

    Hi SM August 5th RTF...Has anyone receive their package(travel authorization for plane ticket) from the academy yet? I heard is 2-3 weeks prior your class date....Thank You...
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    I need a roommate!!! HAHA

    I NEED A ROOMMATE.....ANYONE?? HAHA....RTF 8/5-9/14, can take over the lease after I leave. 2 bedroom reserved @ Isola Bella for $49.80, $25 each. Come on now people this is a good deal!! HAHAHA.
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    Seeking a roommate for 8/5 start date

    Anyone needs a roommate for RTF August 5th start date at Isola Bella? Please let me know.
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    August 5th Academy Date, anyone??

    Received a revised academy date of August 5th along with the FOL for TRACON. Anyone else is in that class?
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    7/21 RTF Start Date, Anyone???

    Anyone has an academy date of 7/21 RTF? Thank You!