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  1. FlyBaby

    Pay Period

    Hi guys, I was sure I saw some info on it before but could not find any by searching. Could someone please give me dates of the FAA pay periods, i.e. when it starts and when it ends? Trying to plan my being broke LOL :willy: Thanks a lot!
  2. FlyBaby

    Per Diem Timelines

    Before I ask my question, I did search the existing Per Diem threads but haven't seen what I want to ask. If you come to OK a day before your class date to unpack and get prepared, will you have to pay yourself for this day of renting the apartments? I assume per diem become effective starting...
  3. FlyBaby

    Credit Check

    I was wondering if there's anyone from PUBNAT 5-6 whose credit hasn't been run yet. I went to PEPC on 6/25, and there's no inquiry from OPM or anybody I wouldn't recognize. I know they run it before PEPC so it kind of makes me wonder about the sneaky ways they could run it and I wouldn't notice...
  4. FlyBaby

    Form 8500-7

    Hey, just wondering who had to complete the form 8500-7 by their eye specialist? I had LASIK two months ago, and they gave me the form to be completed by the doc who did my LASIK. Please let me know how it went if you had the same form. Thanks!
  5. FlyBaby

    Medical Exam during PEPC

    Hey everyone, I want to know a lil more about the medical we are going to have during PEPC. I mean, I know about the vision and hearing tests and EKG. Is there anything else, like, do they look up your nose or throat, make you wave your arms around, jump/bounce and so on? Thanks for sharing the...