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    ATC Test Results

    HR handles paperwork and hiring. Aviation Careers (the phone number they give you) is a contractor that handles phone calls. It will not slow down HR by calling them.
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    Free Tabletop for Academy Tower

    Finishing up at the academy soon, and looking to pass on our tabletop to a class getting ready to start tabletops. It will be available in a week or so. It was extremely helpful early on (not as much once you get to TSS). Free to a good home. It is 4' x 8' and currently located at Anatole.
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    Pool 1 CTI No TOL

    Think what you want about CTI/OTS pass rates... They all fail at the same rate. If you do get to the academy, one of the first things they do is sit you down and go over some statistics (CTI/OTS fail rates are the same, the older you are, the more likely you are to fail, prior experience have a...
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    Pool 1 CTI No TOL

    Failure rates at the academy are pretty much identical for cti and ots.
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    Advice for Terminal Students?

    Tracons are terminal facilities. In the past, they sent academy grads to Tracons as well, they still send them to lower level Tracons, but it is not as common.
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    CIL August 2016 Bid

    Yes, you probably are missing it. It is possible the format changed since I went through the process (only 9 months ago), but there was a table that said something instructions for completing employment medical requirements, and inside the table had rows for schedule medical, schedule drug test...
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    Dogs At the Academy

    I had my dog for part of the time. I stayed at Anatole(less than 10 minutes away), which would allow me time to run home at lunch. You definitely stay busy though (between class, studying, and forming group relationship), so making time for the dog can be a little hard. Obviously, a lot depends...
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    Federal Hiring Freeze

    Have to agree. NATCA does a meet and greet (read free food & drinks) with students at the academy every 6-8 weeks. The purpose of it is to ensure that they get new due paying members. Roughly 1/3 of controllers can retire today, imagine if they lost all those dues....Definitely need to keep...
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    AT Basics Course

    I am actually staying with A&T, they do list fees on their website, however, they do not charge any fees to FAA folks (only exception is the pet fee that they do charge).
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    Available Facilities

    Go to and look for facility placement lists
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    AT Basics Course

    Except that you would not start at a facility 5 weeks (basics is 5 weeks-ish not 6) earlier.... You would still be in the same class as those that took basics. There is not really a limit to how many people can be in a basics class, but there is a limit in how many can be in the initial classes...
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    Tier 2

    If you are waiting for a class dates, then no it won't get you over the top. Class dates are full till passed when the new administration takes office. You are not hired until you start the first day at the academy. Therefore they have no need to rush things.
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    BA is done online shortly after applying. On the ATSA you take a personality test - which is not the BA. It may have similar purposes, but it is not called the BA by the FAA.
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    AT-SA Results Estimate

    Read the bid again. Your age was locked in at the close if the application period. You do not have to worry about aging out for this bid.
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    Air Traffic Control Specialist - FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-49432

    I know during the process that they told me not to use any apple products when sending / making pdfs as they can't open them for some reason - seemed odd, but maybe it's justified
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    Application Status on Aviator (August 2016 Bid)

    My 2015 application says Reviewed (I was originally dq'ed due to age), but I start at the academy on Thursday. They don't do a great job on updating UsaJobs/Aviator info - so don't trust it.
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    PTOL January 2017

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    Boise Police Report on Unresponsive Tower

    The article says pilots trying to land - specially air ambulance I believe
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    Air Traffic Control Specialist - FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-49432

    Vet preference is old news. This is specifically prior experience though (which I haven't seen mentioned as priority before), not just vets.
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    Air Traffic Control Specialist - FAA-ATO-16-ATC-EXP-49432

    I think they have to have a pretty good reason not to hire prior experience folks (failure to meet requirements). The new FAA extension makes it so they have to give preferential hiring to experienced folks. Only after giving preference to them are they allowed to look at other sources. I...