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  1. nb2fd

    New York TRACON - N90

    Re: N90 I take everything as I challenge. I didnt accept an FOL for a level 12 facility to get training wheels and a bib. If this job was easy than im sure as hell we wouldnt be stuck in the employment crisis we are in now. I hope the training is better than 07' but if it isnt it isnt...
  2. nb2fd

    New York TRACON - N90

    Any controllers on here from N90 that just started or just got certified. Got a couple of questions if thats aright. If so PM me. Thanks
  3. nb2fd

    Rtf help

    I90 and D10 and all big tracons arent pass fail fyi
  4. nb2fd

    Huntsville Tower - HSV

    Re: Anyone familiar with the Huntsville, AL tower? There is an instructor in Basics that could probrably give you some insight. Youll know if you find him hehe.
  5. nb2fd

    New York Center - ZNY

    Re: ZNY - New York Center Ever heard of the backseat of your car? lol Housing on Long Island isnt cheap (i know i grew up there and still live there) Anywhere along RT 27 (Islip Sayville Oakdale Bohemia Patchoughe) all these places arent that far and Sunrise Hwy with no traffic will get you...
  6. nb2fd

    NY Facilities

    Theres 3 N90 people in my class including myself and I think theres one more in OKC right now. Hopefully you get hired around the area im sure you wont have a problem you probrably will end up with ZNY
  7. nb2fd

    4/7 Date... Any information yet?

    What exactly do you need it for? The only thing I needed the packet for was fowarding reservations for my hotel so I didnt have to go through the hassel of vouchering and the FAA just pays it behind my back. Book your rooming now and if it is really necessary that you get your packet you could...
  8. nb2fd

    4/7 Date... Any information yet?

    dont count on getting it anytime soon. I got to OKC on 1/22 I got my packet on the 20th. Book your rooming now the pacet really isnt going to give you that much info that you dont have available to you in the forum
  9. nb2fd

    n90/jfk/lga whats the deal

    im going to n90 and honestly like previously stated its just luck of the draw. most likely you wont get a tower on long island u would probrably get n90 or zny at this point
  10. nb2fd

    01/23 Start Date

    1/23 class I know i got to bring my welcome letter and certain documents tommorow but should you bring anything else like notebook pens? Anybody?
  11. nb2fd

    1/23 Basics

    thanks for the help
  12. nb2fd

    1/23 Basics

    I was originaly scheduled to start on the 16th but they pushed it back a week. They sent me a new FOL but do i have to re-fax all of the other documents?
  13. nb2fd

    1/16 okc

    Im going to OKC and my final papers say January 16th. When do I recieve final information on like flights to OKC (Im from NY) or where to go that date if there is any? Do I get my own flight to OKC? Im kind of in a hard place I dont know where to go from here so if anyone could help thatd be...