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  1. nfingers

    Possible Scenarios?

    So, I know this is throughout the other thread.... But, I was curious if we could combine it all into here perhaps for ease of finding maybe...... But what are all the possible situations you can see when looking at the Aviator..... Personally, I have: Your application associated with...
  2. nfingers

    Radar Overseas?

    Looking for a job, have over 3 years of ATC experience, trainer exp, and no watch sup. Anyone have any insight on what the situation is overseas for people who do not have tower experience? Thanks in advanced.
  3. nfingers

    Pease ANG

    Can anyone give me some general information on Pease? traffic, area, cost of living, etc. anything and everything is appreciated thank you
  4. nfingers

    ANG to AD?

    Has anyone here done this process? What's it like etc
  5. nfingers

    1/15 VRA Bid

    Looking for some information on possible locations that are hiring. If anyone has any information on it and is willing to give it up please PM me. If anyone has any phone numbers to people I could call and possibly talk to them about positions again, please PM me. Any help is appreciated...
  6. nfingers


    Maybe someone can point me to a right thread or can just tell me information on how to get a job overseas possibly. I'm 20, have a facility rating in a Rapcon. Have had more than 52 weeks of atc experience if that means anything. Thanks for the help NF!
  7. nfingers

    Potomac TRACON [PCT]

    Disregard ---- Found The Thread Thank You NF
  8. nfingers

    ANG Airman VRA Question

    I guess this doesnt really matter but i figured i would get your guy's personal opinion on it. Im in the Air National Guard and just recieved my RAPC at Johnstown RAPCON. To be eligible for the VRA bid it says you need 52 consecutive weeks, which in my opinion i have, I've had my Pink card...