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    National Employee Services Team (NEST)

    Does anyone have the document with all the guidelines for the new National Employee Services Team (NEST) program? or a link to it? Thanks!
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    Release Dates

    Hello, Does anyone know the official rules for facility release dates How long can a release date be on a promotion? What is considered a promotion? What factors would a facility take into consideration to determine a release date? Is there any set amount of time a facility can hold on to you...
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    Eugene Tower

    Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone can share some information about EUG tower/tracon. Is this a good facility and how is the training program? Is the cost of living high and how is the city to live in? Any feedback helps.. thanks!
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    CPC in training band increases

    Does anyone know how the new contract band increases and the half on the go will work? I plan on transferring from a level 7 to an 11 this year 2011. I am checked out at my level 7 facility. From my understanding in 2011 I will get half of the CPC band min added to my base pay. Then in 2012 I...
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    Boston Tracon & Manchester Tracon?

    Does anyone know if there is a Manchester Tracon located in the same facility as Boston A90 Tracon?