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  1. eqfan592

    DOT Meal Allowance Tax Deduction?

    The controllers I've spoken with at work all take this deduction as well, and have done so for years. I plan on doing it this year if I can figure out how. :P
  2. eqfan592

    Any Good Shooting Ranges in OKC?

    Another vote for H&H here! Great range and place too shoot, and the staff was always really cool as well.
  3. eqfan592

    Statement from FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt about sleeping controllers

    I think completely reversing it would be a bit extreme, but more space between shifts is possibly advisable. However, I will point out that the sleeping problems would be mitigated if the FAA were to make it mandatory that there are always at least 2 controllers in the tower (something that very...
  4. eqfan592

    FAA Academy Graduation Ceremony

    Re: Graduation Ceremony? Yep, seems like at least one person washes out of every class. Had three in mine, sadly. Suffice it to say that one you're done with your PV, you'll feel a lot of relief, but after a while you'll be ready to move on to the next step. EDIT: just realized that you could...
  5. eqfan592

    Two Republican Senators enter bill to end FERS

    THIS!! I won't say people are idiots for voting Republican, but I WILL say they are idiots for thinking they are voting for "smaller government" and "lower spending" when they vote for a Republican. Republicans are just as good at big government and spending as anybody else, they just make the...
  6. eqfan592

    Tower training "must knows'?

    Good tips, Steve. Also, another thing to remember when dealing with heavy's/757's is that you can't line up an aircraft in the small weight class behind a departed heavy/757 until you have wake turbulence separation. That one managed to catch me today while running a bit of an air show of a...
  7. eqfan592

    General PV Discussion

    Re: What Exactly is a Performance Verification - PV? I agree 100%.
  8. eqfan592

    8/10/10 Basics--then tower

    Yep, I'll be in that class as well!
  9. eqfan592

    Basics 8/10/2010

    I have a basics class on August 10th as well. Guess I'll be seeing ya around!
  10. eqfan592

    Who's still hanging around?

    Pubnat 4 here. Just got confirmation back from my HR rep that they have received all the paperwork that came along with my FOL. I'll be attending the 8/10 terminal basics class. I'm still in a state of shock that it's all actually happening now. When I start, I'll have been in the pipeline for...
  11. eqfan592

    I'm heading for EVV as well! Starting up in the basics class on Aug 10th. Have you visited the...

    I'm heading for EVV as well! Starting up in the basics class on Aug 10th. Have you visited the tower at EVV yet?
  12. eqfan592

    8/12/10 Terminal

    Just got a call from AQ saying I would be attending the August 10th Terminal class? I have to guess she's talking about this one, as there is no class starting on the 10th in August (though there is one starting on the 10th in June, which may be why there's the confusion?). Hope this doesn't...
  13. eqfan592

    Question about HCTZ and low potassium

    I just went in for my physical today, which is the last step on my medical certification (and the last thing standing between me and a class date). This is a recertification for me, and I'm in even better health than I was last year (40 lbs of weight loss, leading to greatly improved blood...
  14. eqfan592

    Anyone Know About Staffing in WI Facilities

    Well, just to chime in here, I was just at MKE today to take the MMPI, and the person I spoke with, who stated that she's in charge of staffing for MKE (as well as several other facilities) was telling me that they just started getting word of a bunch of new people heading their way. So not...
  15. eqfan592

    Just got the email to update my medical!

    Not sure what you're asking. I know the psych exam has different tiers, Tier 1 being the MMPI and 2 being an actual in person eval if you fail the MMPI (at least I think this is how it works!) In that case, then use I would be a Tier 1. Just took the MMPI today, so that's 2 out of 3 things...
  16. eqfan592

    Just got the email to update my medical!

    Sorry for vanishing on you folks. Has been a busy few days to say the least! Anyway, I think somebody asked how long I've been in the process of things. I came in under PUBNAT 4, so it's been a WHILE. And yes, I was told I have to retake the MMPI. I actually just retook the drug test today, so...
  17. eqfan592

    Just got the email to update my medical!

    So it looks like an FOL and class date are right around the corner! I'm in better health now than I was last year when I got certified (lost 40 lbs and blood pressure is lower now, even un-medicated). Just not looking forward to taking the MMPI for a 3rd time now. But hey, I'd take the test...
  18. eqfan592

    Madison, WI - MSN

    I just got redirected from MKE about a month ago because they aren't getting any training slots any time soon, so GRB or MSN would be more likely. Either way, I wish you the best of luck! :D
  19. eqfan592

    Am I too old to become an Air Traffic Controller?

    IF they have another pubnat soon, I'd say give it a go, but otherwise it's a pretty slim chance. I came into this thing when I was 27 under pubnat 4. I'm now 29, turning 30 at the end of the year, and I'm just finally getting to where I'll (hopefully) have a class date soon after being...