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    10 Year Strategy For Air Traffic Control Workforce (2012-2021)
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    White Book

    Does anyone else think we should go back to the white book or am I all alone in this matter? I honestly believe we get away with way too much now and need to be put back under lock and key. Anyways just had to get that off my chest!
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    Military change to Departure Question

    why am i not correct when i switch a beechjet to departure when I clear him for takeoff?? .65 says switch all military when you clear them except cargo and transport type aircraft A beechjet is not classified as a transport or cargo. Granted, and military that trains in them will go on to be...
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    05/06/2010 tower

    Just got the call May 6th start date July 30th Ending Terminal class Im heading to Lubbock TX Anyone else in this class or heading the same place? OTS PUBNAT1 99.6AT-SAT Didnt get chosen OTS Pubnat5 Chosen Corpus Christi TX June 28th PEPC and TOL October 11th 2009 Cleared 03/12/2010 Redirect...
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    When does my AT-SAT expire?

    Hello...I tried to find the answer on here. Took my AT-SAT April 2008. How long is it good for??? thanx
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    Can you move to OKC before your class date?

    I have a situation requiring me to move from where I am now. I do not have an OKC date yet, but am fully cleared medically. I was told to expect a class-date in or around April. Does anyone know the per-diem rules about how long you need to live there before they take Academy per-diem rates away...
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    Share a room at the Extended Stay O'Hare?

    i got a hotel about a mile from the address on our return email, it the Extended Stay America O Hare Airport. Im going to call to see if they have got a full fridge n kitchennete (sp.) Only one bed tho, hence the cots. Have the room for tues. (23rd) and wed. (24th). anyone is...
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    So...Im in a wedding June 12th. Mine. Uh-oh

    So, when do you think the panels will meet again.....and i looked at the timeline Niagra had up somewhere, but still nervous if I will have to go to OK city and miss my own wedding (aka turn down my offer) should I call off the engagement now? :)
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    Hi Y'all

    Just joined, but been lookin at the site for awhile... Got a lucky 99.6 on the AT-SAT (I thought I failed) Im an OTS guy, and wondering if anyone else knows when the geographical preference letter comes for Punat5... Also, if you only select "tower" controller and not "en-route", will it take...