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  1. PapaGolf

    Potential Job while you wait

    birdie on the street told me 1st American Systems and Services, LLC is looking for CTI grads not yet hired by FAA for a potential R&D type job. If you got the stuff, apply at will. 1st American System And Services
  2. PapaGolf

    Free Beer

    -Disregard- EDIT: Fixed flight/arrival date, although if you still want a free beer I could use a ride from the airport downtown.
  3. PapaGolf

    Poll: How would you prefer to select your geographic preferences when applying?

    Curious as to what you all would prefer. This question/poll applies to all applicants.
  4. PapaGolf

    Poll: How would you prefer to select your geographic preferences when applying?

    Moderator DELETE ME PLEASE I thought I didn't submit this topic, whoops. In the meantime please see this Poll: How would you prefer to select your geographic preferences when applying?
  5. PapaGolf

    Name that tower

    I have this picture at my work and am constantly asked where this tower is located, I can't figure it out nor do I care to take the time to research it. But it's buggin' the hell out of me.. I found the image years ago on a Google image search, can't remember the search term used but it was...
  6. PapaGolf

    Off The Street Hiring to Return in FY2012?

    Word on the street (and by street I mean conference call) is FAA has determined they can't obtain their employment diversity goals through the now 'normal' avenues CTI/Military/REIN, so in order to accommodate they will be bringing back the PUBNAT announcement this October to begin FY2012...
  7. PapaGolf

    18yo pisses away Olympic dreams on a JetBlue redeye, WHOOPS!

    Overhead Bin - Olympic dreams dashed after unfortunate in-flight incident
  8. PapaGolf

    Southwest Airlines Pilot Open Mic Broadcasts To ATC

    FOUL LANGUAGE! Southwest Airlines Pilot Open Mic Broadcasts To ATC fucking hilarious!
  9. PapaGolf


    Shock Collars for all single-manned ATC facilities to be imposed Another Dozer? Seriously?
  10. PapaGolf

    Spring 2011 AT-SAT Testing..

    Have any of you currently enrolled CTI students received an e-mail from Robinson Aviation Inc. inviting you to take the AT-SAT yet? Testing was reported to begin March 14th, and go through early May, with e-mail notifications going out about 2 weeks prior to your geographic area's testing date...
  11. PapaGolf

    CTI Applicant Process

    A little something I created to help some of our CTI students & graduates understand the FAA-Air Traffic Control Specialist - Trainee application/employment process via a CTI announcement. It is a generalized "Flow-chart" that shows an overview of the application process from AT-SAT to OKC/FAA...
  12. PapaGolf

    Color Vision, Isahara v. Farnsworth Lantern

    Doctor Orsak, A question in regards to difficulty in seeing colors... If able to pass the Farnsworth Lantern Test but NOT the standard Ishihara Color Vision Test, is this a disqualifying factor for Medical Certificate and/or ATC Employment with the FAA?
  13. PapaGolf

    AT-CTI applicant process will be "changing" December, 2010.

    Greetings, This information fresh off the press from Aviation Careers Happy Holidays, go enjoy them. Not much else CTI applicants can do but wait until December! =D Sounds like the previous announcement is done and dead and they are starting fresh early 2011.
  14. PapaGolf

    Inoperative Equipment during ATSAT

    Hello folks, I have a student at a CTI school who just took their ATSAT this November, 2010. They experienced a mouse failure during the ATC Scenario portion of their testing and could only watch as their planes crashed into boundries and airports. Raising their hand to getthe attention of the...
  15. PapaGolf

    CTI Revocation

    I find myself between a rock and a hard place right now, wanted to see what the general public thinks. Let me run the brief version of what I'm going through by you guys n' gals.. Graduated a CTI school with honors, passed ATSAT, got recommended by school, applied FAA, waiting.. After...
  16. PapaGolf

    ADS-B by 2020 or bust!

    For Immediate Release May 27, 2010 Contact: Tammy Jones or Paul Takemoto Phone: (202) 267-3883 FAA Announces Performance Standards for Critical NextGen Avionics Final Rule Represents Major NextGen Milestone WASHINGTON ? The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced today the...
  17. PapaGolf

    April Fools Day ATSAT

    I'm a CTI Student enrolled in my last Semester, graduate in May. Just got the e-mail to take ATSAT April 1st down in Phoenix. Anybody else gonna be there? Should I be concerned that this is scheduled for April Fools Day? Not sure what sense of humor the FAA (or Robinson Aviation Inc, who is...