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  1. photostarr

    ZDV for DEN??

    Curious if there's anyone out there in the pre-employment process going to Denver Tower that would rather go to Denver Center in Longmont CO. Not sure how this swap deal goes, but if it can happen I'd like to make it happen. Don't bother posting if you don't have any information pertaining to...
  2. photostarr

    Approval List=Referral List?

    A facility sends a list of approved candidates for their facility to OKC. I've been told my name was on one of these lists that was sent out for April. I'm curious what this affects in the hiring process. Is this the referral list or just a sort of "suggestion" list for the hiring process? I...
  3. photostarr

    Working Overseas?

    Are there US facilities overseas that FAA employed controllers are able to work for? Excluding Guam (the only one I can think of) what other options are outside of the continental US?
  4. photostarr

    Test Date for Pubnat6

    Hey all, Just wanted to add to the information pool. I applied for Pubnat6 and just got the ok to take the test the second week of December in OK City. Not sure if anyone has posted on this subject yet.
  5. photostarr

    Geo Preferances

    Sound off on the top 5 Geo Preferances we prefer: 1. Colorado: Longmont 2. Maine: Bangor 3. Oregon: Eugene 4. Washington: Seattle 5. Pennnsylvania: Pittsburg ~Starr
  6. photostarr


    Hello everyone. This is a first time post for this ATC wannabe. I'm quite thankful for this website, it's certainly been a lot of fun being a satallite to all these threads and absorbing all this info. I'm new to the air traffic controlling community and just started my 2nd semester at an...