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  1. TimShady

    08/13/2013 rtf

    Any hipsters out there in this class? Starting to think about where to stay.
  2. TimShady

    Reading while on position?

    Just wondering if anyone can reference anything that permits or forbids reading while on position, whether it be the 7110.65, AIM, or a non-work related book or magazine. I thought I've seen it in writing somewhere but can't find it in the red book or 7210.3.
  3. TimShady

    May 2010 CTI Grads Check In

    I thought it'd be cool for all of us May 2010 CTI Grads to get together on here to tell about ourselves and keep tabs on each others progress. I'm graduating from Lewis University in Illinois with a B.S. in ATC along with a couple Minors. Well qualified AT-SAT (95.4) and am currently waiting...
  4. TimShady

    Turn Left or Die! (funny audio clip)

    Hey I thought you guys might get a kick out of this. It's an audio clip about O'Hare ATC created by Q101, an Alternative Rock radio station in Chicago. It's a few years old, not sure when it was first played exactly. One of our instructors from my school played it for us in class. Pretty funny...