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    Fairbanks Intl ATCT/TRACON - FAI

    So.. any updates on the Fairbanks tower? Pros and Cons? If you'd like to send me a private message, please do. Are you guys still working 6 days a week? Is there anything to do out there on your days off? do the people get along with each other? How do you handle the all night and all day with...
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    New York Center - ZNY Hiring Information

    Re: New York Center - ZNY No comment. Had some things to say but I probably could have been libel.
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    Do you live in Long Island or are you going there from OKC

    in training with your pay you might try Hempstead, Uniondale, Bellport, Patchogue or surrounding Westbury towns. If you don't like diversity then go to Hamptons, Center reach, Middle country and Anything past Huntington on the Northshore.
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    ERR article 42 sect 6 and 9

    They say that this is soley an HR thing, so why is NATCA the sole way of getting information on this? I would like to email someone privately because I don't want newbies to be jaded by my experiences or get scared and stop putting in applications to my facility, it could be a dream to them to...
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    Leave without pay

    Do you think I should just look on my faa web page?
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    Leave without pay

    Hello, how do you apply for leave without pay? Is this a Natca thing or do you go through HR?