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    Reinstatement Process

    Hello, I am coming up on my 1 year of separation from the FAA and was wondering if anyone had any recent experience with the reinstatement process. I left the agency as a CPC after two and a half years. Also, is there list here with facility staffing levels? I assume that will play a part in who...
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    Middle East Contracts

    Does anyone know if there are companies hiring in the middle east? I have a CTO from the Army and Certified FAA tower controller.
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    Simultaneous FAA and Contract Controller

    Does anyone know if you can work at an FAA facility and simultaneously work as a controller at a contract facility? Does anyone know where I could find this in black and white?
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    Springfield Tower Questions

    The ATC gods have spoken and I will began my FAA career in Springfield, IL. I'd like to hear about the experience any of you have had working at SPI and living in the area. Also, if anyone wants to offer any other advice feel free to pm me.