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  1. mbalunda

    Hats for Houston

    Help support a good cause!
  2. mbalunda

    Monday is a holiday now

    If you hadn't already heard. An extra day of holiday pay, I'll take it! Executive order closes federal offices Monday - WTOP Mobile
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    St Martin

    I'm sure you've all seen the videos, but I just got back from a cruise that stopped in St Martin. I of course had to stop and check out the airport for myself. It is in fact as crazy as it appears. Of course I took my own video.
  4. mbalunda

    ATC Saves on the Today Show

    This aired this morning on the Today Show. Finally some positive ATC press. This is a much more accurate picture of ATC as opposed to unfortunate string of negative stories lately(Sleeping controllers, drunk administrators, etc) Flight-mares? no sweat for air traffic controllers - Video on...
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    Vision Discussion RE: rytomi

    Any update on your situation?
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    Video: F-16 Overruns OSH runway

    You're slacking Newsbot! Looks like he came in a bit too hot F-16Oshkosh7-2011.mp4 video by 86Sabre - Photobucket
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    Federal Worker Pensions

    Seems like there could be some major changes on the horizon. How federal worker pensions might be targeted - The Federal Eye - The Washington Post
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    PV Coming up Soon

    :eek: Wish me(our class) luck!
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    Hmmm. Just Got Invited to a Second PEPC

    Wondering if they sent it out to everyone. Sounds like they are allowing those who interviewed via the Traditional route(Or are scheduled to interview the traditional route) to come in and finish all their testing in one location. Emphasis is theirs :lol:
  10. mbalunda

    Training Failures

    This is from the new contract that is being negoiated currently. It seems as though they FAA intends to hold onto trainees longer even if they are less than succesful. Good news for those of us who are being thrown into the fire at Level 12 facilities with no ATC background. My thought is...
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    Got my email to fill out the e-QUIP this afternoon. Anyone else receive theirs today as well?
  12. mbalunda

    Medical Record to PEPC?

    This is a question for anyone who has already attended a PEPC. I've got some medical records I want to take with me to the Chicago PEPC next month. I'm wondering if I have to take them in person, or if they have to be faxed? If I pick up my medical records in person there is some ridiculous...
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    Chicago PEPC (June '09) Thread

    This can be a thread for those attending the Chicago PEPC June 22nd-June 26th. Splitting hotel rooms, cab rides, drinks, etc. I received confirmation that I'll be going on June 22nd, at 10am. Anyone else get their confirmation yet?
  14. mbalunda

    Post Per Page?

    Is there any way to increase the number of posts that appear per page when viewing a thread? I'd prefer more post per opposed to many pages.
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    ATC Med Question- Pulmonary Valve Stenosis

    At birth I was diagonised with Pulmonary Valve Stenosis. Since it was caught early I was always under a Drs supervision regarding the issue. I went to Childrens Memorial Hospital in Chicago on a yearly basis for checkups. Basically just had EKG and ECHO cardiograms on a yearly basis. When I...
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    SF 86

    Had a question about this form/background checks in general. Some years ago I had filled out an SF 86 form for clearence with the TSA. Since I submitted it does that mean it will still be on file? Now I never actually received a job or had any type of offer, but would they hace gone through...
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    New FAA Adminstrator

    Wonder how much of an impact he will have on the whole ATC situation...maybe he'll want to hire everybody :)
  18. mbalunda

    Strange Question

    Just thinking about potential issues I could encounter if I happen to land a job. I know my friend said there are all types of things you have to sign about how you'll be to work no matter what..natural disasters, terrorist attack, whatever happens you're expected to be there regardless. If...
  19. mbalunda

    Number of OTS Applicants?

    I was just curious about this...has the FAA ever published any official numbers on how many Pubnat applicants they've had? Is it thousands...tens of thousands? Anyone have any ideas. I only heard about it because I have a friend who is an air traffic controller, so he told me to give it a...
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    Doom and Gloom

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it sounds like a lot of Pubnat hopefuls dreams will be coming to an end very quickly This is reliable information from the second in command at one of the western centers(Family member). The western region just got finished having a large meeting about...