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  1. eqfan592

    Question about HCTZ and low potassium

    I just went in for my physical today, which is the last step on my medical certification (and the last thing standing between me and a class date). This is a recertification for me, and I'm in even better health than I was last year (40 lbs of weight loss, leading to greatly improved blood...
  2. eqfan592

    Just got the email to update my medical!

    So it looks like an FOL and class date are right around the corner! I'm in better health now than I was last year when I got certified (lost 40 lbs and blood pressure is lower now, even un-medicated). Just not looking forward to taking the MMPI for a 3rd time now. But hey, I'd take the test...
  3. eqfan592

    New HR rep for Central Services Area - Terminal

    I just got an email from AQ. She's my new HR rep and the new rep for the Central Services Area. Looks like EM is only western now. I hope AQ can keep up to the high standards set by EM! :) I just emailed her to make sure that this isn't going to somehow impact my recently accepted redirect offer.
  4. eqfan592

    Medical Clearance question

    Hello! My medical clearance expires at the end of this month, so I'll have to get it renewed in the not too distance future when they have a class date set up for me. My question is will I be able to do this locally (I live in Milwaukee currently), or will I have to go to the FAA facility in...
  5. eqfan592

    Hello all!

    Hello! I got into this whole thing from PUBNAT 4, and have been in something of a holding pattern waiting for a spot to open up at MKE (where I live). Well, I got a call last week asking if I wanted to redirect to EVV which would get me into training sometime before September (MKE wasn't alloted...