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    Can Supervisors Work a AWS Schedule?

    Does anyone know if supervisors are allowed to work a AWS schedule? If not, where can I find it in writting? Or, is it up to the discretion of the ATM if staffing permits it? Thanks!
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    2017 BWS Help

    It is that time of year where we are beginning to look into different Basic Watch Schedules for 2017. Is there a database anywhere were I can find some pre made BWS's (templates) that facilities have used in the past? I know these are very complicated to make, and I have been having trouble...
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    Alternate Missed Approach

    Is there such a thing as an alternate missed approach that is published? Our airport is too busy to issue one to every arrival, and we need the alternate on very poor weather days so it wouldn't make sense to permanently change the standard published missed.. Any input would help! Thanks
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    Aircraft Recognition Guide?

    Does anyone have a good guide to learn aircraft identification? I need to learn corporate jet recognition, like how to differentiate between all of the citation jets, or a beech jet versus a phenom. The app "name that plane" was a waste... Any input will help, thanks!
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    Record of Conversation

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    FOL Waiver Question

    I have received a TOL and am waiting for a FOL (typical ERR). Since my tentative release date is outside 180 days, I understand HR submits a waiver for approval to the ATO (just a signature). I have been waiting for weeks now, and was wondering what typically holds the paperwork up? Does...
  7. A Website?

    Does anyone know anything about this website? Seems like a good idea, was wondering if anyone else has come upon it despite being under construction...
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    Firm Offer Wait Period?

    I received a Tentative Offer for an ERR, and I immediately accepted it a couple of weeks ago. How long does it typically take to get a firm offer following a Tentative Offer and what exactly is the process on HR's end? I am working traffic so my medical is good, and I have had no legal issues...
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    New Swap Website

    I am considering making a website that solely focusses on FAA facility swaps. I am aware that NATCA has a swap page, but the information is out dated and not accurate. I want to create a organized focal point that controllers (who are eligible) can communicate about swaps, and possible ERR...
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    Holiday Leave

    Locally at my facility, if a controller requests spot leave on any day (not on holidays) once the schedule for that month is out, then they are granted spot leave on a first come first serve basis (obviously dependent on staffing, etc..). If the controller requests spot leave on a holiday, then...
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    Lateral Transfer

    Through an ERR......I have been trying to get to a specific facility for years because it is closer to home and it is in the best interest for me. It works an impressive operation, and there are so many more reasons why this place will benefit my life and career. The facility I am at is a...
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    CPC-IT Training Failure

    I recently transferred from a level 7 tower where I was a CPC (downgraded to a level 5), to a level 8 up/down (downgraded to a level 7) so I could get a radar ticket. My problem is I am having a lot of trouble in radar and am not sure if I will get through the program. I am great in the tower...
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    STARS Key-Pack Cheat Sheet?

    Hey everyone, I have been a Tower controller in the FAA for almost 5 years now, and have recently transfered to an Up/Down facility (radar training now). After doing that crazy intense/long STARS CBI, a couple of months have passed and I am on the floor. Instead of referring to the 20 page...
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    05/15/12 rtf?

    Just got my report date, is anyone else out there in this class?
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    Academy Tower Questions

    Hey, I had a few quick questions hopefully someone will be able to help me with: 1. For Tower Cab training at the academy, are we required to know ALL remaining runway distances for each runway/taxiway intersection? 2. Is there anywhere we can find a CTO study guide online? 3. For the...
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    05/10/2010 Tower

    What's up! I just got my date for May 10th, 2010 and I will be in the Tower Cab program. Anyone else out there get your FOL for this class date yet? Post on this thread if you have, and maybe we can coordinate staying in the same apartment complex, or nearby.....Also, are you an CTI, OTS...