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  1. Roddy_Piper


    anyone tracon peeps work multi or fusion radars in their facilities? i'm looking to ask questions. i know what multi is and the required separation. i semi-know what fusion is, but the .65 does not address fusion separation. anyone work fusion? willing to share their separation standards? and...
  2. Roddy_Piper


    Anyone know exactly when you earn your 2152? I think after you get to academy graduate (AG) that you earn your 2152. Anyone know what document supports this claim. My question specifically involves a guy I work with. He's 30 right now. Was initially hired as a controller, graduated the...
  3. Roddy_Piper

    downgrade (and a few upgrade) list?

    anyone know if this is out to the general public yet? i'm interested to see it. supposed to be out today (wed 9/14). post a link or the actual list if anyone gets their hands on it. thanks.
  4. Roddy_Piper

    TDY to Fairbanks

    anyone jump on this? i was so close to putting in for it, but the wife put the kabash on it. seems like a lot of $$ being thrown our way for a "vacation" to the great north for a few months. especially for the summertime, if it was the winter then there's no way. just wondering if anyone put it...
  5. Roddy_Piper

    2011 pay scale

    we officially got a raise as of 2 Jan 11. saw it in OPF. now to see what it looks like on the next payday. keep in mind, locality is NOT included. here's what it looks like:
  6. Roddy_Piper

    new AAL callsign

    anyone else excited about AAL using the callsign "Snowballs" this month. i can't wait to use that callsign. i think it's just for the AAL flights that are transporting military and military family members over the holidays.
  7. Roddy_Piper

    1440 list

    Is there anywhere we can get a copy of the actual list of the 1440? There is some question about who is on it and who is not. I'm not asking for the qualifications to be on the list, just the actual list with all of the names. Thank you
  8. Roddy_Piper

    Pay raise as of today

    congrats everyone. if u were hired after 2006, and some others, we all got a raise today. here's the new payscale without locality.
  9. Roddy_Piper

    Article 108 4-e-2 question

    Doug Church, I'm in the Article 108 4-E-2 boat. I filed a grievance about a month ago after the FAA deemed me ineligible. Nina Dillard at HR said, and I quote, "Although he meets the criteria he does not qualify for this pay setting rule." Is there an ongoing litigation of some sort to get some...
  10. Roddy_Piper

    1440 question

    I'm pretty sure I know what my answer is going to be, just wanted to ask if anyone is in the same boat or knows the answer. If you are/were part of the 1440, but you were one of those that resigned/quit at some point after the white book, then got rehired, would you get the 8% next June?
  11. Roddy_Piper

    2010-2012 Pay Scales

    here it is. i'm sure most of u have already seen it. for those that haven't, enjoy.
  12. Roddy_Piper

    Fresno (FAT) wanting to trade

    One of my best buddies just got picked up for Fresno (up/down) and was wondering if anyone wanted to trade for something in the bay area. not even sure if the FAA would approve the trade but just wondering if there was any interest. i can get u in touch with him and u guys can figure out if...
  13. Roddy_Piper

    FAA Policy Bulletin #57

    It's for those that are deployed in support of the Global War on Terrorism. If your deployed for more than 42 consecutive days you are allowed 5 free days of paid leave when you return. Just thought I would pass it along as someone on here probably qualifies. Especially u FAA types that are in...
  14. Roddy_Piper

    Probationary period - question

    Wonder if anyone knows the answer. I just thought about it today and haven't had a chance to call HR at OKC to ask yet. What if you were a controller in the FAA for 2 years. Did your probationary period no problem. Eventually resigned and then got re-hired. The second time you get hired, do...
  15. Roddy_Piper

    May 1 Tracon Class

    I thought I saw a thread already with all of those in the May 1st class. I can't seem to find it. If someone knows where it is, will u post a link and i'll just delete this one. Anyway, just got called this morning for this class. Wondering who else is in it. I'm going to Vegas Approach (L30).
  16. Roddy_Piper

    Question Regarding AT-SAT Score ****

    Why does it say this on ASAP? I didn't take an AT-SAT. Anyone know what this is about. Those that did take the AT-SAT does yours say this when they give you your score?
  17. Roddy_Piper

    Special VFR - pilots requirement

    First off, let me say that I have VERY LIMITED special VFR experience. which means i've done it about 3 times in 12 years. Anyway, here's the question: My observation for the hour was 3SM OVC004. 3 miles vis and ceiling 400 overcast. I had a stationair that asked for special VFR. The only...
  18. Roddy_Piper

    Couple of new announcements on ASAP

    Just saw a couple new announcements this morning: CTI announcement AAC-AMH-09-CTI-11766: closes 12/10 CTO announcement AAC-AMH-09-CTO-11765: closes 12/10 Reinstatement announcement AAC-AMH-09-REINST-11759: closes 12/10 Phoenix 20 announcement AAC-AMH-09-RMC-11578: closes 12/1 VRA center...
  19. Roddy_Piper

    NATCA member question

    Alright... i know u can be an associate NATCA member if you wanted to pay the dues. i'm not sure what associate rates are but i would guess somewhere around $20/month. my question is: has anyone thought about becoming an associate NATCA member? i just thought of something that might be pretty...
  20. Roddy_Piper

    Interview questions

    Hey all, I was doing some searching but can't find anything. I know somewhere on here there was a list of the questions they ask at the interview. Anyone know where that is, or just remember what they were. I'm not overly concerned about the interview but couldn't hurt to possibly know what...