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  1. StuSEL

    Imediate Openings?

    Pretty sure Robinson is hiring in Texas.
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    Biographical Assessment

    Test questions are subject to copyright. Technically the contractor could come after anyone who re-posts them without permission. This happens a lot in law enforcement exams.
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    Just left the academy, enroute. I'll share my experience.

    Had you had seizures in the past?
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    Application Status on Aviator (August 2016 Bid)

    Good! Thanks for your service.
  5. StuSEL

    Application Status on Aviator (August 2016 Bid)

    Since the FSDOs are part of AFS and not ATO, I doubt they would have any interest in testing people at the FSDOs. Most don't have the space to administer tests.
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    A statement from a contractor is not evidence.
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    There is no evidence whatsoever that the AT-SA scores will be kept confidential.
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    There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that AT-SA scores will be kept confidential.
  9. StuSEL

    Application Status on Aviator (August 2016 Bid)

    This is already being litigated in court.
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    Pursuit of Happiness

    Put your best foot forward in your IT degree. Get a job that pays well. Reevaluate your options later. A lot can change in 7 years, but trying to change yourself for this hiring process is nearly impossible. The agency also gives some degree of preference for those who have pilot certificates...
  11. StuSEL

    Application Status on Aviator (August 2016 Bid)

    You're trying to get information on why apps say "reviewed" through FOIA requests?
  12. StuSEL

    Pursuit of Happiness

    Can you get back into the Army National Guard as a controller? Also, why would you not be allowed to change from prior Army National Guard to AF?
  13. StuSEL

    What is an LRAC?

    It likely depends on how they're rated/qualified at the Class D tower. If I remember correctly the LRAC certification is documented on your Form 3120-1.
  14. StuSEL

    2016 August Open Bid is Live

    HR reps are on record stating they are not disqualifying people for that this year. It certainly did happen in 2014. I wouldn't worry about it.
  15. StuSEL

    Bid Out Aug 8-15

    I doubt they'll release AT-SA scores just like they did with the AT-SAT in its latter years. It would also not surprise me if AT-SA scores were not determining factors for offering applicants their class dates.
  16. StuSEL

    Anyone else Have an Investigator Meeting?

    Mine was pissed because I didn't put down my high school. The application clearly stated to only list education after high school. It wasn't a big deal though. And I too had numerous address changes due to work and school.
  17. StuSEL

    Backround Check

    No. Welcome to the U.S. federal government.