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  1. The Heatles

    If You Wash Can You Reapply Next Bid?

    This forum is my entertainment. I deserve this, I deserve that. No you don't, no YOU don't.
  2. The Heatles

    Starting at First Facility..

    If you're prior military you'll be ok. Just let the bad phraseology of your trainers slide until you're certified ;)
  3. The Heatles

    Phoenix TRACON - P50

    You either do the approach wall with satellites or the departure wall with satellites.
  4. The Heatles

    RTF (radar Training)

    RTF is a joke... If you're lucky enough to get a TSEW class then you will actually learn something
  5. The Heatles

    History of Kidney Stones

    Same. Had one a year before I was hired. Had a "doctors note" saying the stone was fully passed. No issues other than getting the doctors note
  6. The Heatles

    Blogging Privatization

    Everyone is so quick to oppose everything, acting as if NATCA is leading or pushing for this bill. We're not pushing for it, simply making sure it's written with our best interest (and the NAS) in mind. It's got a decent amount of backing to it and if it were to actually happen then it's nice to...
  7. The Heatles

    Reauthorization Bill

    Paul and Trish have our best interests in mind... Trust them and let them do what we voted them in to office to do.
  8. The Heatles

    Visual Approach/separation

    I had the same questions as you a few years back, but it is implied and not written out like you would like it to be. I'm at a major approach control and we do it thousands of times a day here
  9. The Heatles

    Taxes: Meal Credits

    Yeah. I get mixed stories about it too. Not sure of the exact language or experiences anyone's had with it
  10. The Heatles

    Taxes: Meal Credits

    Anybody know about this meal credit that we're apparently eligible for when filing taxes?
  11. The Heatles

    Theoretically: If I Pass, and I'm Getting Married In November '15

    I had 2 people in my class get married when I went through. They planned it on a weekend, traveled home for the wedding and back by Monday morning. Their wives had to take care of just about everything and they both loved it. Show up, say I DO, leave. For a honeymoon... Buy adjustable tickets...
  12. The Heatles

    Question about S-turns while on approach

    The original question was if the S turns are legal or not. Once he's inside the FAF he cannot legally be given an S-turn or even a speed adjustment. Do we do it... Most of us, yes. Is it legal? No
  13. The Heatles

    My Favorite Time Of Year

    My favorite time of year is upon us. The time of year when you hear the interns spout off at the mouth about how they're better than the other interns and who deserves this job and who doesn't. Oh, and the snitching on fellow interns... The snitching is hilarious. As if a random contracted...
  14. The Heatles

    Taxi Routes and Data

    We have 1 canned route for the A380's... RWY 9, taxi via the group 6 transition, etc". that's the only time we use a canned route like that
  15. The Heatles

    Apron Control

    think of it as a feeder point for a group of gates... Since GC doesn't control 90% of the gates at MIA we use spots. This is the transfer of control point between gates and the ground controller. It simplifies the in and out routes and works great. When jets go into an alleyway of multiple...
  16. The Heatles

    RTF Class Registration

    No requirement to be certified anywhere... It's determined by your facility/district on when to go. Most wait to certify or until you're 100% likely to certify
  17. The Heatles

    Salary/per Diem/travel Voucher While Attending the Academy.

    If you'd like to get your paycheck early then setup an account with a credit union like the FAA credit union while you're there. With direct deposit you can get your Paychecks on the Friday before.
  18. The Heatles

    Washout Black List

    Same here... My buddy washed at a 12, then certified at a level 6 VFR tower. Now he's with me at a 12 again
  19. The Heatles

    Facilities Without Mids

    Some people like them since they get to stay away from traffic and management