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  1. The Heatles

    Taxes: Meal Credits

    Anybody know about this meal credit that we're apparently eligible for when filing taxes?
  2. The Heatles

    My Favorite Time Of Year

    My favorite time of year is upon us. The time of year when you hear the interns spout off at the mouth about how they're better than the other interns and who deserves this job and who doesn't. Oh, and the snitching on fellow interns... The snitching is hilarious. As if a random contracted...
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    7/24/2014 RTF CLASS

    Anyone scheduled for this RTF class yet? July 24th - August 20th
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    New Education Perk for Federal Workers

    Many federal employees and their family members will be able to take advantage of a tuition discount as part of a new partnership between the government and academia. Federal workers who live outside of Maryland can receive a 25 percent discount on all undergraduate and most graduate programs...
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    New Budget to Hurt Controllers Hired After January 1st...

    The $85 billion savings package announced by Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., on Tuesday would fund the government past Jan. 15, 2014, averting another shutdown and setting spending levels through fiscal 2015. As part of the deal, federal employees hired on or after Jan...
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    Tom Brokaw Discusses 9/11 Air Traffic Controllers Program Airing Tonight

    Tom Brokaw Discusses 9/11 Air Traffic Controllers Program Airing Tonight In the fall, Mark DiPalmo did an interview with NBC for a 9/11 follow-up piece by Tom Brokaw. In this follow-up...
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    Spirit airlines is the f**king worst

    Is the onion ever wrong?,32371/
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    MGIB ref. Training at a 2nd facility

    So, when I entered the FAA initially I was able to receive money from my MGIB while in "training" status. I received approx 7 months of benefits. When I move to my next facility and re-enter training there, will I be able to receive MGIB benefits again or is it a 1 time thing? A few things to...
  9. The Heatles

    The "Hudson Miracle Approach" into KLGA, lol

    In honour of Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger III, First Officer Jeffrey B. Skiles, Flight Attendant Sheila Dail, Flight Attendant Donna Dent and Flight Attendant Doreen Welsh, who managed to successfully ditch their Airbus A320 in the Hudson River in New York City and evacuate all 155 people on...
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    Want a CTO test book/study guide?

    I have my CTO test book/study guide from the academy. This is something that you could study for prior to getting to the academy. They will give you one when you get to the tower class, but if you want one before hand to study here it is. Its a few hundred pages with answer guide in the back...
  11. The Heatles

    Age limit increased w/ military time?

    So I heard today that VRA's who are over age 31 can still apply because they can count their military time. For example... Airman Smith does 6 years of active Duty service. Now, Airman Smith can apply for the FAA up until the age of 37. I wouldn't believe this but I heard it from an FAA...
  12. The Heatles

    How to get from an 8 to a 12?

    Im currently at a level 8 tower only facility. My family and the city Id like to settle down in has a level 12 tower only facility. I get mixed answers from everyone I talk to. Some say I can't get to a 12 from an 8, some say I can. Some say I have to ERR to get there and some say I have to...
  13. The Heatles

    left/right downwind departure

    Any pilots out there? Does someone have a reference of what a downwind departure is? If I say, "Cessna 12345 make a left downwind departure" what exactly will you do? Will you fly the downwind forever until leaving the control zone, until told otherwise or will you reach midfield downwind and...
  14. The Heatles

    Best C130 callsign...

    I saw a C130 today with the callsign "Props01". Hilarious!
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    Adios Amigos!!

    "Adios Amigos!" Is it just me or is like EVERY pilot saying this when issued a frequency change today? LOL... its obviously in support of the JFK controller and I find it kinda cool. Happening at your facilities?
  16. The Heatles

    Use of the NATCA logo

    Im looking at designing some T-Shirts for our local ATC facility and had 2 questions: 1. Am I legally able to incorporate the NATCA logo into the design? 2. Is there a large/clean downloadable logo anywhere on the internet that you could recommend to me?
  17. The Heatles

    Help a fellow controller out! lol

    If you get a moment then check the link, register and show some "support". Tucson Lightning bring the F-35 Lightning, to the Arizona Air National Guard base at Tucson International Airport The Arizona Air National Guard based out of Tucson International is in the running to upgrade their F16's...
  18. The Heatles

    Raytheon cut by 30%

    Well, Raytheon has just cut back by 30%. All employees will be working 28 hour work weeks starting immediately. The only ones exempt from this are a select few centers. For those of you in training who thought you were going at a slow pace before... It's going to be worse now. A full day and a...
  19. The Heatles

    FLIGHT CONTROL app for the iPhone... anyone?

    Does anyone play the "flight control" game on iPhone? Its way too addicting. I finally broke 100+ landed on all the airports, lol. Anyone else?
  20. The Heatles

    September 30th Terminal class... Anyone?

    Has anyone been given a terminal class date of September 30th here?