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  1. jamin35008

    Air Traffic Control Specialist, Flight Services Trainee (AK residents only)

    Just wanted to give anyone in AK a heads up that there looking for FSS people......I was going to apply but it says AK residents ONLY! It worth a shot with the ATC hiring at a standstill..... Here's the link if your interested.... USAJOBS - Search Jobs
  2. jamin35008

    Air Traffic Assistant

    Hey all, I just applied to this position for a air traffic assistant or Flight Data Communications Specialist (FDCS) in Farmington MN...... This sounds like a full time clearence delivery or D-side. Does anyone know anything more about it than that? Is it a good job? Fast pased or boring...
  3. jamin35008

    AT-SAT retake

    I was wondering about the retake and I know I have to wait a year to do it (took it on Oct 26th) but...... I just wanted to make sure I understand when I will be able to take it again if the current pubnat schedule continues. If there is a announcement in Jan '10 and another in Jul '10, like...
  4. jamin35008

    All online CTI?

    Hey everyone I'm really trying to look into the idea of going back to school and gettting the CTI degree to improve my chances of getting on. My problem is that due to work and family I would have a really really hard time attending school in person. I have a 4yr B.S. in Aviation Science from...
  5. jamin35008

    Should I finish CTI School or go PUBNAT

    Hey all, This may have discussed before but I wanted to ask all the CTI?s and anyone else who maybe thinking along the same lines some questions. I?m 29 years old. Have applied to pubnat 8 but scored only an 83.5 on the AT-SAT so only ?Q?. I have my commercial multi/single with instrument...
  6. jamin35008

    Hate the Weekends!

    This may apply to all pubnat threads but Im only a 8 applicant. I now hate the weekends (even more) due to the fact that there are likely no updates to the process on sat or sun. While most people have the weekends off (not me thats why I hate them even more) including the FAA that means no...