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    California ZOA

    ZOA - Facility Swap Request
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    Congrats Rosstafari!

    Just got my email from Isola Bella.. congrats on winning their TV raffle!
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    01/29/2010 Basics

    Hola amigos. I got a call from my HR Rep this week saying that I had a class date of Jan 29th for enroute basics. Anyone else have this date yet? I just reserved my room at Isola Bella.
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    Stupid Question

    So I tried to search for the answer to this, and found things that I think were close to the right answer, but just to be sure.. I hear that something has changed with the pay scale and now it's going back to the green book. I also hear this means more $$$ when I'm (hopefully) in OKC. Is this...
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    Special Investigator?

    So I got a call today from someone saying they are a special investigator with the office of personnel management and they need to meet with me tomorrow to sign some forms for my security clearance. it all sounded legit so i called her back and gave her my address and setup a time for her to...
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    hola from phoenix!

    hello everyone.. my name is sam, im 25 and i live in phoenix. right now i work for an airline at the phoenix airport doing all the ticket counter stuff. my friends at work told me they thought i should apply for ATC.. i did and now im anxiously awaiting the results of pubnat6! nice to find...