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    07/09/2012 En Route

    All you ZOA people better make it through, we need people out here
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    Physical Appearance

    doesnt matter. let them see you work hard and nobody could care less what you look like.
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    OKC Class Date from FOL

    I got my FOL March 14 for the March 28 you may not get a lot of time!
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    Walnut Gardens or Winchester Run?

    All Im saying is that you will find a better place than Walnut Gardens or Winchester if you just find an apt on CL, for less money. Feel free to waste $2-300/month of your tax free per diem money on one of those places though.
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    Question about OKC in general

    You probably want to stay north of Reno/I-40 or west of I-44
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    Walnut Gardens or Winchester Run?

    Look On craigslist and find a cheap apt. I pay $500 plus renting furniture and bills comes to about $25/day. That means you pocket $25 a day. If you want to stay at one of the places on the list stay at Kims, she buys all your food and covers pretty much any necessities and the houses are...
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    Class Schedule Email from EM

    Is everyone on this thread headed to ZOA? Pubnat 6, TOL 6/09, OTS to ZOA I got that same email that started this thread, hoping it means they will tell us something soon. Also been reading about a lot of people with TOLs to Seattle and other places getting transfers to ZOA
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    Who's still hanging around?

    pub 6, tol 6/09, fully cleared and waiting for OKC date. ZOA one day...