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    5/21/15 RTF

    Just placed in this class anyone else assigned yet? Coming from SDF. Staying at IB.
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    03/27/2014 Tower

    Thanks for the advice guys. My circumstances however are not going to allow me to drive, oh well I have been the last 9 months in the desert without a personal vehicle so I think I can make it another 6 weeks.
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    03/27/2014 Tower

    that would cost just as much if not more than actually driving
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    03/27/2014 Tower

    Staying at ISO no vehicle though... too long of a drive from FL.
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    Louisville - SDF

    OK thanks.
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    Pink Card Info

    I know for the Army the Pink Card is issued by ATSCOM and signed by the current ATSCOM Commander (O-6 Level) at the date of issue. From my knowledge other than being an "FAA" form the FAA has nothing to do with the issuing process. Facility Ratings from CTO towers are endorsed on the pink card...
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    Louisville - SDF

    Finally got my FOL. Going to SDF after 3/27 academy. Looking forward to getting there. Any advice on what to start looking at to get a leg up is much appreciated. I have started working on the Airport Diagram but anything other than that to look at would be great. Thanks!
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    Current FAA TOL Holder Joining National Guard

    Thanks for straightening me out ColtsATC. I was unsure. I haven't started with the FAA yet going to OKC in March so I am sure I will be much more informed on that after I get to my facility.
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    Current FAA TOL Holder Joining National Guard

    I know I'm a little late coming into this but, I know the FAA gives you in addition to your normal leave time earned an extra 30 days/year (I think, it may be more) "military leave" this accounts for your 2 week AT and 2 days of drill /month, it comes a little short of what you will actually...
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    03/27/2014 Tower

    Going to KSDF. Selected in March 2012. I was offered earlier dates but I am currently deployed and wouldn't be home in time so HR offered a me one a little later.
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    03/27/2014 Tower

    Anyone else in this class yet?
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    Army National Guard ATC

    The problem with Army ATC in general is that the majority of units are setup to be tactical meaning there are very few opportunities to get a CTO. As stated above deployment with the ARNG is about the only way to get any rating at all but especially a CTO. What state are you looking at to join...
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    Basic training soon as ATC: advice please?

    As JoshATC has said you have set yourself up very well. I am an Army Controller for the National Guard and have been hired by the FAA as well. (Just waiting to get the Final Offer) I suggest at your age to finish your 4 6 or 8 years and then you can make application to the FAA or the other...
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    Army ATC: best locations for experience

    Unfortunately you cannot ask for a CTO or Facility rating in your contract. As it has been stated before you may be able to get them to put a first duty station in there also ask to get Airborne if you can! I just finished the training at Rucker in October. When you get there you will make a...
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    Altitude Restricted Low Approach

    At Cairns AAF, Fort Rucker, AL we clear them for Low Approach at or above 800 and issue traffic... Field elevation 301'
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    let me know when you get to Rucker I am here all summer.

    let me know when you get to Rucker I am here all summer.
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    Army ATC (15Q)

    I just got to Rucker last week. Its really laid back in comparison to BCT. @Buchanan3514 AIT here for 15Q is 18 weeks and 2 Days from the day you start class. However 15Q classes dont start that often they have to wait until they have enough students to fill the class in order to start. Also...
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    Army ATC (15Q)

    2yr AS from FSCJ but I have a Bachelor's in Aeronautics from ERAU in 2007. Just never got picked up as a pilot. Do you ship to Basic in Jan or AIT?
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    Lexington Tower/TRACON - LEX

    @MVG Did you get to KLEX yet? I have a tour set up there in a few weeks just curious any info you can pass down ahead of time. Thanks