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  1. mtlatc

    Wash Outs

    I dislike a lot of your post, this one is spot on. C-ya....
  2. mtlatc

    VRA to FAA Transition Tips need the dd214.
  3. mtlatc

    Please take the FAA/NASA Interval Management survey

    No there were to many Ph.D's after that post.
  4. mtlatc

    Raytheon RPO Interview

    heh 1234556789
  5. mtlatc


    They also get to take leave (ie..vacation time) also.....
  6. mtlatc

    Something has changed at Isola Bella.....

    Since I will be home soon this will be my last post on this subject. Chris did such a good job I felt it was necessary to reward him. And I don't tip if anything sucks.
  7. mtlatc

    How long until you received Medical Clearance?

    I got all my info from the regular ACD line.....get my rep on the phone, didn't happen often.
  8. mtlatc

    Veteran Employment Preference

    Heh..that was a joke between me and one Mod..continue to type whatever you want....
  9. mtlatc

    Next Fiscal Year 2012!

    no not true. 1234567789
  10. mtlatc

    Something has changed at Isola Bella.....

    I hate thread bumps....But...32 days in OKC, I enjoyed the dinner at IB for 31 of them. Thanks Chris....And thanks to IB for another great trip!
  11. mtlatc

    Academy Housing Map

    Nice product!
  12. mtlatc

    Items needed for class

    Funny thing there. Us terminal folks can go 3 miles and use visual separation and get much wonder you "loan out" the airspace.....BTW there are other altimeters besides 29.92......
  13. mtlatc

    03/09/2011 - Terminal

    MMAC will most likely be closed tomorrow and possibly Thur. Stand by to stand by.
  14. mtlatc

    Hardship transfer as a developmental pay question

    I would post this in the ASK NATCA thread for a answer from the union.
  15. mtlatc

    Article 60 tranfer requests

    You may get an answer here, but, I would suggest you post this in the ASK NATCA thread.
  16. mtlatc

    RTF becomes Pass/Fail March beginning March 1, 2011

    ^ That is a well thought out, intelligent answer, thanks!
  17. mtlatc

    Perhaps you are not the right fit

    Agree with you this time, you just can't quit us can you, lol.
  18. mtlatc

    RTF becomes Pass/Fail March beginning March 1, 2011

    Not a good answer, but you are talking about different "pots" of money. The academy is alloted so much money for different activities, your facility the same. Maybe the folks at the academy manage their budget better than your management. And to quote you "I am not trying to be nasty here"