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  1. mtlatc

    WTF is up with the FSS?

    Why do I call the same number and get 3 or 4 different FSS's?
  2. mtlatc

    Heavy overtaking a small on parallel runways

    Two parallel runways separated by 1900'. C172 lands on the numbers on the right. B747 lands past the numbers on the left. Is this OK? And can you back it up? Disclaimer: Not starting a fight just want to know what you folks think and your interpretation of the .65
  3. mtlatc

    Something has changed at Isola Bella.....

    And for the better. They have hired a chef that knows what he is doing. If you stayed in the past, I'm telling you the food is 100% better. Six months ago I thought it was O.K. now I'm really enjoying my meals. So far out 7 of 7 this trip.
  4. mtlatc

    So how about a new program....

    How about a special for us not new hires........Dave?
  5. mtlatc

    I could have posted this in so many places...

    But, why not here. According to my FAA certificate, I graduated June 29, 3010....For the old timers, does it ever stop?
  6. mtlatc

    What? Really? Pilots please chime in.....

    I was reading some stuff over at AVweb and came across THIS. To me is is the equivalent of a controller trying to see how close they can get two aircraft......
  7. mtlatc

    USAF Tech School Question...I'm Bored.

    AID's on the SIM. I remember: Tacky, Wages, Stick, and NASA...What were some more of them?
  8. mtlatc

    Public Messages

    Is there a reason we can not permanently delete public messages from our profiles? Just askin.....
  9. mtlatc

    Thanks Doug!

    Thanks for responding to the underage kid with a DUI, while not NATCA business, I'm glad to see your involvement.
  10. mtlatc

    OKC Meet and Greet

    Doug, Is NATCA planning a meet and greet in OKC before July 1st? Thanks
  11. mtlatc

    Marginal VFR

    Marginal VFR - What is marginal VFR and where is it defined?
  12. mtlatc

    10 character limit

    Can we lose the 10 rule?
  13. mtlatc

    The Bonus...yes again...

    For those that got it, how soon before OKC did you get your service agreement to sign?
  14. mtlatc

    Visual Sep...yes again....

    Why the hell do controllers tell VFR a/c to maintain visual separation...If someone gives me a good reason I'll send you a case of the beverage of your choice...
  15. mtlatc

    Developmental Pay Questions

    Not sure if this is the best place to post but here goes: I'm going to a Level 7 up/down. My starting salary (After OKC) is at the maximum of the D1 pay band. At what point will I achieve D2, D3? And, since I started at the maximum of the D1 band, when I upgrade will I get the maximum of the...
  16. mtlatc

    Sponsored Ads

    I'm seeing the post from "Sponsored Ad" but see no ads...Is it broke or is my computer blocking the ads? That reminds me, I really need to join the site....:dumbo:
  17. mtlatc


    Just got it in my e-mail. Thank you CS!!!!!!!!!
  18. mtlatc

    Are you going Enroute...Check this out.

    50143 - (50143) Air Traffic Basics (En Route) Schedule Offering (Class) ID Start Date End Date FY Location Status Cancel Date 28735 02/01/2010 03/08/2010 10 OKC CANCELED 11/30/2009 AMA-511 28743 04/12/2010 05/14/2010 10 OKC ACTIVE AMA-511 28745 02/24/2010 03/30/2010 10 OKC CANCELED...
  19. mtlatc

    Take this with a grain on salt (new pubnat...)

    I was speaking to my future boss today letting him know my class date. While chatting he said he had heard something about another PUBNAT in July....Take it for what it's worth...Which I would say is not much.