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    Any Proposed Annual Pay Increases?

    New to the FAA, and I know the FY2016 starts in October. FCT's generally see their inflation adjusted for COL in November, does the FAA do anything similar? Even if it's just 1%, and if so, when does it go into effect?
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    If a Woman Gets Pregnant As a Contract Controller...?

    So I was having this discussion with a coworker. I thought that the Contract Towers had a special set of rules that employees had to adhere to. While I was employed at a FCT I was under the impression if I'm ever out of the job for illness or something, I have to be back to work before all my...
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    Need Class II Physical 1 Month After FAA Medical Screening, Having Issues

    So I didn't think this was going to be an issue, but I had my aviation medical exam for my FAA application on May 19th, I checked out everything just fine and the doctor sent it off to Oklahoma City. My Class II physical for my job expires in July of this year, I had it on July 20th 2014, so I...
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    Offered Atlanta, NYC, and San Diego TRACON

    I'm a TOL holder and have just finished my security and medical screening. I was recently emailed an offer with 3 prospective cities to choose from: Atlanta TRACON New York City TRACON San Diego TRACON That is the order in which I selected them. I'm a bit nervous with all of this. I have...
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    Trouble Logging into E-QIP, Ideas?

    I'm a contract worker currently and had to login and set up an e-QIP account last year. Here I am several months later trying to login again and it is not letting me, so I go to password retrieval and it's not recognizing my username. I can't go any further, can't update or retrieve my password...
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    Quick Question on FAA, Have Pre-TOL

    On April 16th I received the email from Aviation Careers asking for my federal declarations page and my updated contact info, I emailed the documents that very same night, I understand it may be a few weeks before I hear anything back, I presume that much is normal before receiving a TOL. My...
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    Just Got Hired, Advice on What to Study?

    Hi, I was just picked up by a contract tower and will begin work in about two weeks. Once that first day starts they've told me I have 30 days to qualify, and from the looks of it there is a bit more information and procedures at this tower vs what I was accustomed to when I was in the military...
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    Contract Tower Pay 2014?

    I know there are a few of these threads already, but they're very old. I was only able to find the estimated pay for 2009. I've heard RVA pays the most, something like $33 an hour I think, how about Serco and Midwest?
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    Unlock My Profile at Serco!? Help!

    So I am in the stages of applying for jobs at Serco. I've never applied to Serco before, and the user interface and some of the methods for applying escape me. I think I've done everything correctly but on the second to last step, "Complete Application" it says in bold red letters, "The...
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    Question About RVA

    I see that on RVA they say that you must have had a CTO for 2 years, just wondering if there are any exceptions or waivers to this requirement? I currently have 2 CTO's. My first one I will have had for 1 year and 4 months by my EAOS, my second CTO I will have had for 8 months. Any possibility...
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    Referred for DOD Job, What Step is Next?

    I check my USAjobs application status at least once every two days. I currently have 9 applications to Air Force bases and Navy bases. The first one I applied to, about a month ago now has been reviewed ever since a week after it closed, just came up with "Referred" today. I realize referred...
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    How Do They Reply to Your Application?

    So I have applied to several DOD jobs, a few have closed within the past few weeks; the application status says reviewed, but nothing else. Do I just keep on checking the application status? Or should I be waiting on a phone call or email soon? Just wondering what to expect.
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    New DOD Positions Opening Up

    Anyone who's checked USA Jobs recently may notice a lot of new DOD positions opening up. There are positions in Jacksonville, Mayport, Meridian, Forth Worth, and Abilene. They all opened up in May, and they are all tower positions. If I'm currently still in the Navy but expecting to take...
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    How Early Out to Apply for DOD?

    So generally speaking how early out should you apply for a DOD listing? I think there will be some DOD openings at my current facility and my EAOS is October 27th. I also believe that since DOD is a government position, you CANNOT begin working it while on terminal leave, so I will have to wait...
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    How Early Out to Apply?

    I am considering all three of the big Contract Tower companies, Midwest, Serco, and VRA. I would prefer Midwest since their airports are generally in the midwest and a few southern states, but will take anything I'm able to get. I'm currently in the Navy, my EAOS is in October, I have 2 CTO's...
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    Flight Dispatcher?

    After seeing the current volatile hiring process of the FAA I need to start building up my back up jobs, and quick. One such job I am beginning to come across is Flight Dispatcher. I don't see this position discussed very much on this forum, but am very curious about it, as it sounds almost...
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    Federal Employee and 120 Days Out Questions

    On the application, where it asks if you are a Federal Employee, well I selected no, because I'm not DOD or FAA or government or anything, but I am currently in the military. Does being in the military count as being a Federal Employee??? Also, I believe I read somewhere that in order to be...
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    How Easy is It to Get Picked Up by Contract Towers?

    Spent a little while searching for it, and I came up with nothing. Looking for the link to where all the contract tower companies are and their websites to apply at them. Also, just how easy is it to get picked up? I'm still active duty in the Navy, how far out I should start applying for these...
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    What Will I Need for FAA Application?

    The February 10th bid is coming up soon, I just want to make sure I have all of my bases covered so I can apply as soon as possible. Can someone just run through all of what I will need to have ready when going through the application process? These are the things I have or am getting ready at...
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    Will an Expunged Record Be a Problem?

    Currently in the U.S. Navy. I believe I was only accepted into the Navy with a waiver, because I do have an expungement on my record. Will an expunged record be a problem when applying to DOD, FAA, or Contract Towers? Is it only criminally charged felonies they are looking for? Misdemeanors...