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  1. DJatc

    Still in "application received" for CTI bid

    I've been out of the loop for a couple of months, and last I heard the CTI application was cancelled (the one ending in September, FAA-AMH-13-CTI-2705). My application still reads it's been received and no referral list has been created. Did they just not bother to update saying the position is...
  2. DJatc

    Anyone in the same boat as me?

    I'm wondering if I'm ever gonna get into the FAA. Graduated June 2011, skipped over 3 panels so far, and am trying to figure out what I can do to make myself a better hire. I've visited facilities in my area, and don't understand what's happening. I already have a Secret clearance through the...
  3. DJatc

    What do hiring managers see?

    I remember there was a pic of a list of information each hiring manager sees per applicant. I was wondering if anyone had that available. If not, does anyone know what type of info they see? Thanks.
  4. DJatc

    Which bases have openings for ATC? (ANG)

    I am looking to find an opening to be an ATC for the ANG, and having a hard time finding any vacancies. Currently I am working with a recruiter and he doesn't seem to know too much outside my current area (WA) and I am proactively searching for a spot. I am flexible and able to go anywhere in...
  5. DJatc

    More fun ANG questions :)

    So I am in the middle of enlisting and because of a few financial obligations my career choices might be changing in the ANG. My new job might require a 2 year training period, and I was wondering can I accept a job at the FAA, and be kept on hold until my training is done and I am at my base...
  6. DJatc

    Getting a facility swap

    I'm planning on joining the ANG after I graduate from my CTI program, and was wondering how I would work out a facility swap to get a state which my base is at. I know about the Stuckmic Facility Swap page but was wondering if I can get an official transfer with the FAA. Looks like I am heading...
  7. DJatc

    Guard duty while at the academy

    How do you work out the details of guard duty while at the academy? Would I have to fly back everytime I have drills? I am considering joining the guard but am confused as to what would happen in this situation. Can I bundle up on drills before I head to the academy?
  8. DJatc

    How to find lists of countries airports fly to?

    I am trying to find a resource that can tell me which airport goes to which country. Specifically, I am trying to find a facility that is close to an airport which flies to Nagoya, Japan direct, as well as Honolulu, Hawaii. I have family in both places and would like to be able to fly asap in...
  9. DJatc

    Any sites that explain basic aviation concepts?

    Does anyone know of any sites or resources besides the 7110.65 or the FAR/AIM that contain basic aviation concepts? It would be nice to have a wiki of some sort I can refer back to. Aviation and ATC stuff would both be great. Thanks. If you have any books that would be great as well.
  10. DJatc

    Question about ANG base locations and FAA locations

    Hello First of all I wanna say I love this forum, and have been lurking since I applied for PUBNAT7 a year ago. This is my current situation; I am 25 years old, and am 2 quarters away from graduating as a CTI student. One of my options is to join the ANG after I graduate, because of the wait...