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    Authentication Required Pop Up?

    yeah I am on another computer now and no issues...thanks for the reply.
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    Authentication Required Pop Up?

    When trying to log in, and any time I change to a different page on this site, I get a pop up window stating: Authentication Required then prompts for a username and password. Seems like phishing spam...are you aware of this?
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    Can I change user name?

    So, about those name changes... I am not at SoCal anymore, and want to use the same email I signed up with for stuckmic, whats the best way of changing my username?
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    I transferred out of SoCal in '09. Sorry to those who have asked me questions about the...

    I transferred out of SoCal in '09. Sorry to those who have asked me questions about the facility, I forgot about this username/account.
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    landing clearance with a vehicle on the runway

    i was once told by a senior controller that a landing clearance could not be issued when a vehicle is on the runway for an inspection. It was explained that the 7110.65 does not imply the use of anticipated separation with vehicles.... I did not look into this as i usually do and just practiced...
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    Mediation on faa-natca contract dispute begins

    I must concur with sucks knowing that I am at a level 12 facility working and studying my ass off to make it and others are walking into level 7 facilities and breezing through the training- yet we are making the same $$. Oh I said I just need to get to D1.
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    Mediation on faa-natca contract dispute begins

    Not particularly impressed with the pay bands...Guess I had better get my ass to D1!
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    APREQ VS Point-Out

    I have asked other senior controllers, looked it up in the regs and even googled it. I saw one response over on, but I figured I would ask here and see what comments come up. To my understanding, a Point-Out is when you are transferring radar identification of an ACFT and are...
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    You know what really grinds my gears???? (NSFW)

    Interesting! havent heard of that yet-but it doesnt surprise me. My sup is actually pretty stringent on the 2 minute overlap, so I am used to it, but I am sure all the older guys will gripe and moan ;P Its funny that after reading this thread I went back to the floor and had the first guy just...
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    current atc's-introduce yourselves!

    Re: will the current atc's please introduce yourselves.... Stinson Stagefield, Ft Rucker Alabama 2001-2004 (Army) Desiderio Tower, Camp Humphreys, South Korea 2004-2006 (Army) Salerno Tower, Khowst Afghanistan 2006-2008 (Contract) SoCal TRACON, LA Arrivals- Developemental- Started Dec 2008, 4...
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    Where do you want to go?

    Yep! I had class with 3 from N90 and they were blatently rude to the other students and instructors- and believed they didnt belong there. Actualy JUST got done talking about it on the floor- They are just known for being A-Holes...
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    Calling All US Army ATC

    Jon Flowers...sounds familiar...when were you at Rucker? I was there 2001-2004
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    San Diego Tower - SAN

    Re: SAN? I have a friend who just got picked up for Lindbergh- and hes awesome- so for that reason alone you should take it..haha. I had hoped to get Lindbergh myself, but I ended up at SoCal TRACON (with his wife) and I love it here now. I may look for a transfer to a local tower in 10 or so...
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    So Cal TRACON - SCT

    Re: So Cal Tracon Question heya DRG- yes the staffing levels are coming up but there are still a lot of trainees here. They are in the midst of redoing the whole training program to better facilitate new hires, VRA/CTI/OTS into the facility. The new training manager is improving things every...
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    Calling All US Army ATC

    I was a 93C! and then a 15Q (same thing just changed the job identifier). I was stationed at Mother Rucker for 3 years, Stinson Stagefield (VFR TWR), then off to South Korea for another 2 years, Desiderio Tower (Camp Humphreys). Had one TTCS B.S. rating at Rucker.
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    Old Fokes

    Turning 27 next month, but I sometimes want to say 24, maybe in a little bit of denial? hah. When I went through OKC there was a 40-something guy there from FSS, and several others pushing 30.
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    My nick was Mist(y) since my initials were BR. For those not familiar, BR is the abbreviation used for mist in weather reports. BR wasn’t available here at my new facility, so I guess I will need a new nick =/
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    Anyone interested in CID?

    Jake!! =) This has got to be the one and only BFF Jake!? :jester:
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    Anyone interested in CID?

    It all just depends. During my PEPC I declined Oakland Tower. I thought they were escorting me out the door, but then she had me wait in a room with one other guy. We waited about 30 minutes then she came in and gave us both SOCAL approcah. Both of us wanted San Diego area, of course a tower...
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    Anyone interested in CID?

    .Another rumor to add to the mill: I have heard of someone going to the PEPC, accepting the offer and going through with the medical/security process, then calling or writing the next day to say they didn’t want that location- and they ended up getting a new offer. I do not remember if this...