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  1. Rosstafari

    Thanks, and see ya.

    I hate writing one of these "I'm leaving" posts, but I know enough people around SM that it seems like I should put one up. Since I started with the FAA over a year ago, I've gotten a lot of trash about being one of the more visible users here. At first it was mostly good natured, but it's...
  2. Rosstafari

    Hey. Go do this.

    Hey, if any of you have benefitted from Dr. Orsak's help over the past years, go thank him here: kthx
  3. Rosstafari

    Thanks, Doc

    March 30 is National Doctors' Day. For everyone who's appreciated Dr. Orsak volunteering his time and expertise to the ATC community over the past few years, please chip in your thanks here.
  4. Rosstafari

    Facility Swap Requests - Map and Instructions

    Looking to view current swap requests? Western Service Area Central Service Area Eastern Service Area Looking to submit a swap request? Due to the popularity of the StuckMic swap maps, you now make all facility swap requests by following this link: Submit new facility swap request. This will...
  5. Rosstafari

    Helpful Academy tip: Don't be stupid

    Recently some En Route students were caught taking pictures of their CKT (Controller Knowledge Test, for those who don't know). Latest is that they're "under review", but given that people get fired for far less, they should probably just hit the classifieds now. Not that cheating on tests is a...
  6. Rosstafari

    Tower training survey

    This is a survey for a controller at BWI finishing up his master's in aviation safety. It applies to improving tower training, so respondents should have tower experience but don't necessarily need to be FAA. No applicants, please. Expert Opinion Tower and Training Design - Survey powered by...
  7. Rosstafari

    Nice flight plan

    Beat this, Airbus. Story here.
  8. Rosstafari

    Swap board up and running again

    Swap board's back. To keep Google Maps from crashing due to the number of requests, they're now split into service areas. If you'd like to take a look: Western Service Area Central Service Area Eastern Service Area The board has also been updated, and the expiration date pushed back to twelve...
  9. Rosstafari

    What Can I Do to Speed Up the Security Clearance Process?

    Found this article while looking for an answer to someone else's question. Even though it probably won't make a difference in your eventual class date, if there IS a problem in your security clearance, these tips may help you get it resolved sooner. What Can I Do to Speed Up the Security...
  10. Rosstafari

    Swap board temporarily suspended - Canceled

    I apologize for those who've submitted swaps for the board the past few months and haven't had them put up yet. It's simply gotten larger than Google Maps can accommodate in its current form. Apparently there's a limit to how many pins you can stick on a map, and the board has become so large...
  11. Rosstafari

    Pay raise for AG

    Doug, A couple of developmentals here on AG pay were asking whether the 3% annual pay raise applies to them. It looks like Article 108, Section 8(A) has all BUEs covered, so they should be good. Did I read that correctly? Thanks.
  12. Rosstafari

    Looking for a relaxing post-holiday retreat?

    Why not stay at luxurious Isola Bella? Warning: limit three per customer. Northwest Side Apartment - LivingSocial
  13. Rosstafari

    ERAM/Phraseology En Route cheat sheet cards

    I'm spamming the site for a couple days for a new study resource... En Route students, devs, and trainers, check out the ERAM/phraseology cheat sheet cards available here. I'd appreciate feedback on them, but am closing this thread so it'll all be consolidated in one place.
  14. Rosstafari

    ERAM/Phraseology En Route cheat sheet cards

    Just a quick note to get attention for a new study resource... En Route students, check out the ERAM/phraseology cheat sheet cards available here.
  15. Rosstafari

    ERAM/Phraseology En Route cheat sheet cards

    Another study aid for En Route students at the Academy: These cards have the most common computer entries you'll be making from the radar associate (D-side) position, including the different amendment fields, and phraseology for handoffs and pointouts. Print them out, stick them back to back...
  16. Rosstafari

    Uncontrolled airport procedures

    The NTSB came out with their report on the incident at DCA that kicked off the sleeping controller witchhunt (here, if you want to take a look). Among other things, it mentions that the PCT controller was incorrect in telling inbound flights that they could land using uncontrolled tower...
  17. Rosstafari

    Demerol and versed

    Hi doc, I've got to have a procedure done that'll involve taking demerol and versed (one time only). I'm sure they're disqualifying, but how long is it going to keep me out? Thanks for your help.
  18. Rosstafari

    Switching voice tubes from a Starset to a Tristar

    That's right... two headset threads in one day. Look out. So I started off with a Starset (which I subsequently managed to break in this thread). It didn't fit me very well, so I took irishcarbomb's advice and got a Tristar, which is a much better model. However, even though most of the online...
  19. Rosstafari

    Broken Plantronics headset swivel thing

    So it took me all of three weeks to break the voice tube on my headset. It's on a Starset, at the top of the metal tube that goes into the clear voice tube, beneath the part that you twist to remove the whole thing. It connects into a little ball-sort of piece so it can pivot around -- the ball...