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  1. Rosstafari

    Help Rosstafari

    Everyone, I want to thank you all for being so generous to me and my family. Your contributions made a huge difference to us. As anybody who's been a new hire knows, it can be hard to make ends meet when you're on trainee pay, especially if you've got a family and you're living in southern...
  2. Rosstafari

    Thanks, and see ya.

    I hate writing one of these "I'm leaving" posts, but I know enough people around SM that it seems like I should put one up. Since I started with the FAA over a year ago, I've gotten a lot of trash about being one of the more visible users here. At first it was mostly good natured, but it's...
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    Edwards AFB

    High Desert is all civilian too (FAA, not DOD), so it's more or less a regular TRACON with unusual traffic. Took a FAM out there. Nice new control room, with their own system... I forget what it's called. Far from everything; Tehachapi would be at least an hour's drive. The tower's DOD and...
  4. Rosstafari

    Failing the PV

    Yeah. Happened just like she said, he applied to the next PUBNAT, and got picked up off of it. Can't remember where he was getting sent to the second time around.
  5. Rosstafari

    Operating Initials

    Heh, that was your class? They were still taking about that months later.
  6. Rosstafari

    .65 on the iPad

    The 7110.65.65? jk. thanks for the app.
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    ATC Airline Callsign/Codes

    We'd take them direct to the FAF if they'd let us. But I hear that kind of rubs people the wrong way down the line.
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    Hey. Go do this.

    Hey, if any of you have benefitted from Dr. Orsak's help over the past years, go thank him here: kthx
  9. Rosstafari

    Anyone read "Collision Course"?

    Amazon seems to like it. It's been sitting on my Kindle for a while, but it got preempted by a book on how to not screw up parenting a toddler. At this rate, I'll get to it in several years.
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    Plane lands with no engine

    That was on the way to Fun and Sun a year or two ago. Not sure why they had two cameras going on.
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    ATC Airline Callsign/Codes

    A guy in our area can't ever keep the Brickyard callsign and Brickyard VORTAC straight. Thankfully RPA isn't a NAVAID identifier, so you get to sit back and watch him curse at URET for not accepting his route entries.
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    Thanks, Doc

    March 30 is National Doctors' Day. For everyone who's appreciated Dr. Orsak volunteering his time and expertise to the ATC community over the past few years, please chip in your thanks here.
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    Help a broke applicant get clothes for his baby.

    I guess the website ended up shutting down. Looks like it's just a placeholder now. We still have a copy of the video somewhere, but it's not online anymore. You'll just have to come over to our place sometime. Bring pizza. Hey, for those still around who voted for us, thanks for your help. It...
  14. Rosstafari

    The most difficult en-route centers

    ZLA is always metering for JFK.
  15. Rosstafari

    What the selection panels will see

    Ok, I follow. Tim's nailed it. That's part of the reason I unstuck this thread, since there aren't any new PUBNATs. There's a link in the original post to the PDF. I can't remember where I originally read it. I wouldn't expect them to have updated it, since it was an OIG study, but there may...
  16. Rosstafari

    interested in atc. Want to known the fastest way to get hired. how to improve chances of getting hi

    Well, as the air traffic manager of an up/down in Illinois, RFDATM probably has at least a few years in the ATO.
  17. Rosstafari

    Veteran with CTI question...

    Ok... back up. Do you qualify for VRA? Then you don't need to screw around with CTI. Waste of time and money for you. Do you have a CTO? Same thing. Are you a former DOD controller that qualifies for REINDOD? Then you definitely shouldn't be doing CTI. But if you don't fit into any of the...
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    What facility do you prefer?

    ATCSCC. Go big or go home.
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    What is the FAA Academy like?

    One former SM guy (he's since washed) tried keeping one on Facebook, but he was asked to shut it down. It was kindaradley, if you want to PM him. He might still get emails from the site, don't know.
  20. Rosstafari

    Vaughn College-How are the Online classes

    It doesn't mean closed permanently. The openings go through cycles. It'll be available again in a month or two. Turning 28 doesn't give you a lot of time, though. I don't know the schedules you're looking at, but if you started in fall and finished by the end of the next summer, that'd leave...