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  1. GulfCharlie

    Experienced Referral List

    Post em up ladies • Referral list FA-FAA-15-79642: Issued on 03/04/2015 for the All Air Traffic Locations, United States duty location at (the) AT-AG grade/payband. Your application is among those being reviewed by the office with announcement # FAA-ATO-15-ATC-EXP-38839. You may or may...
  2. GulfCharlie


    Alright entertaining some thoughts here so lets start with the basics: Cost of Living, Locality, shit like that. Ops seem to average 187. Anyone currently here feel free to chime in with all the ins and outs of the island. TLDR Version: FYI Hot young single guy looking for adventure LOL.
  3. GulfCharlie

    New Air Traffic Control Hiring Rumor

    Heard this from several source on up high, take it as you will, March will be last OTS bid then they will return to previous hiring practices with some modifications.
  4. GulfCharlie

    Fort Bliss ATC Assistant

    Anyone else get referred? Got an email this afternoon
  5. GulfCharlie

    The Final Countdown!!!

    Good luck everyone. Fortune favors the bold...
  6. GulfCharlie

    NATCA Info

    FAA Hiring of Air Traffic Control Specialists As you likely already know, the Federal Aviation Administration sets its own hiring policies based on any number of factors including their obligations under pertinent laws. While NATCA is not involved in those decisions we have always...
  7. GulfCharlie

    RPO Offer Letter FAA Academy

    Who else is part of the lucky 18 besides myself?
  8. GulfCharlie

    Not a Bad for a Monday...

    Happy Monday fuckers. It is a great day, life is looking up! It is amazing the things that can happen when civil service goes back to work... :D
  9. GulfCharlie

    Add Signature

    How do you add a signature on this forum? No dice anywhere... I see a couple people asking figured I would make a thread.
  10. GulfCharlie


    Rumor mill says resumes going to tower manager today... Thoughts on the airport and place in general?
  11. GulfCharlie

    NATCA Email about Academy Re-opening

    So anyone get the NATCA email today besides me?
  12. GulfCharlie

    HR Says ""

    Due to sequestration they closed the referral lists and they have no idea if there will be an announcement in the fall or if they will use the referral lists they closed. She seemed to have the company line ready and I called at exactly 0800. Anyway, make of this what you will.
  13. GulfCharlie

    Changing Phone Number

    As we all know referral lists came out ages ago (CTO app) and I wish to change my phone number for personal reasons. Now, if selected they send you an email right? If I change my phone number logic would dictate give OKC a heads up, but when I spoke to them they said just change it in USAJOBS...
  14. GulfCharlie

    Off we go!

    Sequestration The non-discretionary, mandated, government-wide cuts known as sequestration took effect on March 1st because another agreement was not in place to reduce the debt by $85 billion. The FAA will now be forced to cut $483 million – 5% - from the ops budget (other budgets lines will...
  15. GulfCharlie

    Kodiak Airport

    Query: Does any one have the facility rating for Kodiak Airport? I have conducted a quick 10 minute search and am UNABLE to find it, though I found how much traffic they handle etc... Thank you :)