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  1. Radium

    CPC Transfer from twr/tracon to center?

    Let's take me for example: radar guy (terminal) all my life. If I err to a tower, will I be sent to the acad? What if I go to a center??? Anyone have tracon to center experience? It seems like normally it is the other way around
  2. Radium

    Pay band question

    My question is what happens when you work at a facility and you reach the top of the pay band, yet still fall underneath the fed's imposed cap (whatever it is, almost 200k). So say you are capped out @ the top of your lvl 7 tower (90,189 base no locality/differentials), what happens when the...
  3. Radium

    DANIEL TOSH (Tosh.0) in OKC!

    Just a heads up, Tosh Tour 2010 is gonna be in oKC in October! If you are in tracon class, since there is no reason to study or do anything other than drink, you should def go see it. Make it a class trip! If ur in twr/basics/center, and dont suck, you should also make the trip. I'm super...
  4. Radium

    When do you find out your facility?

    I know a lot of stuff has change recently. I have a buddy who just got his TOL. All it says is "terminal" on it though... He doesnt have to wait all the way to FOL to find out his facility does he? That would be insane. So when?
  5. Radium

    Red book pay scale as of this TUESDAY!

    so everyone excited for more money? Checked my "LES" and im def shorted $$$.. anyone else?
  6. Radium

    IB is booked till oct 18th.

    Damn last notice FOL/Dates.. IB is booked till 4 days after I get there.... anyone else run into this, and whats thoughts on a different place to stay? -Not looking to make money, just gonna use the Govt card. -Bringing a truck -VRA, male, 25 -Oct 15th class, staying approx 30 days (terminal)...
  7. Radium

    Acad OCT 15th (term)

    Whos all goin? Got my FOL today... oh and this was from a VRA application so I assume some of you basic people will xfer into call w/me see ya all there, im hella excited ^_^
  8. Radium

    Anyone get referral message for latest app?

    Date Questionnaire Submitted: 3/9/2009 2:10:39 PM Referral list FA-AAC-09-19142: Issued on 03/12/2009 for the Throughout California duty location at the AT-AG grade/payband. Your application is among those being reviewed by the office with announcement # AAC-AMH-09-VRA-12513. You may or...